From the Zwirn Family: BCFC family-it is with mixed emotions that I let you know that I have found a new owner for our restaurant. Most of you know I have lost both of my parents in the last couple of years. While this has been a devastating loss, I’m grateful for how it’s opened my eyes to how important it is to be able to spend time with my family.

Although I had a good number of people interested in taking over the operations, I wanted to bring someone to you that would best serve the wonderful community in western Flagler. Someone that was preferably a local, which the new owner is. Also one that had enough restaurant experience to take BCFC to greater heights than it has seen in recent years. The new owner has that ability and my family and I are excited to see how great BCFC can be again!

The new owner has offered our current staff their existing employment positions with him, so the faces you see are not going to be changing with new ownership. Punk has been the glue, nails and duct tape that has been holding BCFC together for years and will be staying with the new owner. She will never know how much she has meant to to me and my family.

The menu will remain, with some new offerings coming along with plans for extended days and hours to be coming when they are staffed and ready.

The Zwirns wish all the best to BCFC because after all, y’all will ALWAYS be family!