Why are you hosting this event? Is if for 321 Realty’s anniversary or Faith’s Birthday, or both? Why is this anniversary important to you both?

The party is to celebrate 321 Realty Flagler’s 1 year anniversary and Faith’s 40th Birthday.

The recognition and celebration of 321 Realty Flager’s 1 year anniversary is extremely important to us because statistics show an 86% fail rate for new realtors in their first 3 years. Not only have we been realtors over that but have brought a new thriving real estate company to Flagler County.

You’ve both come from a different background than real estate. Why did you decide to take the leap and how does this still fulfill your desire to help others and serve the community? 

We came from a nursing back ground with over 48 years of combined nursing experience. Serving people in the healthcare industry and the experience that came with that has been the catalyst that propelled our real estate career. Not only do we bring an entire different level of honesty and integrity to the profession but we also are able to provide compassion and empathy which are desirable traits needed in the real estate field.

What has been the most exciting part of the last year for you as part of the real estate industry and 321 Realty in general?

The most exciting part of the last year was seeing how the community has supported us. The locals have been wonderful that’s why we are in turn “The local’s Realtor”. That is something we pride ourselves in. Also, getting my brokers license was a milestone reached and really neat.

You could have decided to work for any real estate firm, why 321 Realty? 

We decided to join the 321 Realty family for many reasons. However, the top two reasons were potential for growth and the reputation of the owner Stephen Guidry. The values and simple mission statement of 321 Realty is God. Family. Real Estate. It’s that simple and in that order. The straightforwardness and integrity of the company was exactly what we were looking for.

What are your hopes and dreams for the next year?

Our hope for the next year and the years to come is to help as many families, individuals, first-time buyers and retirees find the perfect property. We are aware that our success directly correlates to how much we give back. We adore our community and hope we can continue to serve in ways that aren’t just selling real estate.

You also have a community program for February that includes helping the local food bank. Who are you helping and why did you decide to do this? How can people help? 

The entire month of February we are hosting a canned/ dry food drive to help support the local food pantry at the Methodist Church here in Flagler Beach. Due to inflation and the rising cost of groceries many food pantries across the nation are struggling to provide for families. This is devastating because it comes at a time when families are needing food pantries the most. We are asking for donations of dry goods/ canned goods to help us in the effort to restock one of our local pantries. All donations can be dropped off at our office M-F 10:00-4:00.