PALM COAST— Mad Dogs Flag Football of Palm Coast is proud to announce its board for the 2021-2022 seasons.

Since its inception in 2018, Mad Dogs has served the children of Palm Coast and Flagler County by providing a quality, competitive atmosphere unlike any other. Over the last three years, the league has grown unlike any other due to the great number of volunteers and the support the league has had from the community. To continue to grow into 2021 and beyond, the Executive Board is expanding and adding new members.

Joining Mad Dogs in our mission to grow the football community of the local area and put Flagler County football on the map, the head coaches of both local high schools are joining the board. Robert Paxia (newly hired earlier this year to be the head coach of Flagler-Palm Coast High School) and Matt Forrest of Matanzas High School have both been added. In addition, Chris Parks (a volunteer coach at FPC and a personal trainer who has coached with Mad Dogs) and Anthony Robinson (the Dean of Students at Matanzas) are also joining the board this season.

These additions strengthen already solid ties between Mad Dogs and the local high schools. Multiple coaches from both high schools have coached with Mad Dogs in the past, and Mad Dogs co-founders Jarrod Maxwell and Michael Schottey have both recently joined the Matanzas Football Coaching Staff. It has always been, and continues to be, the goal of Mad Dogs Flag Football to prepare young athletes either for tackle football or for whatever else comes next for our young athletes.

Three others have been added to the board for the upcoming season. All are longtime supporters of Mad Dogs and upstanding members of the community. They are Mark Ramirez, Will Buckmaster and George Holloway. Ramirez serves as the Head of Officiating. Buckmaster will be the Director in charge of gameday operations and Holloway will assist him.

Mad Dogs offers competitive play for boys and girls ages 5-15. Registration is open for the upcoming fall season which will run September 25th to November 13th. It promises to be the biggest Mad Dogs season yet. Please sign up at or by calling (386) 597-0215. Follow us on Facebook for more information.

The Full Board for the 2021-2022 Seasons:

Jarrod Maxwell —          President

Anthony Petellat —        Vice President

Cecilia Contreras —        Treasurer

Michael Schottey —        Director of Development

Donnie Veit —                Sponsorship Director

Will Buckmaster —         Gameday Director

George Holloway —        Asst. Gameday Director

Nicole Speglevin —         Merchandise Director

Marie Sanitate —           Merchandise Assistant

Mark Ramirez —            Head of Officiating

Kyla Sabate —                Digital Marketing Director

Sean Baker —                Video Marketing Specialist

Chenzo Desroches —      Web Design Specialist

Matt Forrest —             H.S. Liaison (Matanzas)

Robert Paxia —              H.S. Liaison (FPC)

Chris Parks —                 Member At-Large

Anthony Robinson —      Member At-Large