Over the past 16 years, the River to Sea TPO has completed bicycle and pedestrian school safety review studies for all public elementary and middle schools in Volusia and Flagler Counties. The purpose of these studies is to make recommendations for projects that will improve conditions within the two mile walk zones for these schools, and potentially make walking and biking to school a more attractive mode of transportation for students. Each of the studies identified the schools’ concerns, documented the observed pedestrian and bicycle circulation routes adjacent to the schools’ sites and then made recommendations for improvements.

The assessments included the two mile walk zones surrounding the schools and evaluated safety issues that affected students walking or bicycling to school. Another goal of the assessment reports was to continue the coordination among the stakeholders to implement the recommendations of these studies. In FY 2021/22, the River to Sea TPO will be looking at undertaking school safety studies for additional selected schools within the TPO’s planning area.

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