The Grace Community Food Pantry in partnership with Flagler Broadcasting is conducting the 3rd Annual Million Dollar Food A Thon.  “The Food A Thon goal is to raise enough money so we can purchase one million dollars in healthy fresh foods for those local families in need”, said food pantry director Pastor Charles Silano. Flagler Broadcasting President & CEO David Ayres said, “Many families in our community are really hurting, kids go to bed hungry so we are asking those who can help to make a donation.

“Today’s inflation & high food costs are leaving many people short of cash to pay rent, car payments, school clothes and other necessities of life. We would rather have them pay for those things by saving money on food.” – Pastor Charles Silano

The One Million Dollar Food A Thon will guarantee every local family in need will receive a $125.00 box of food each week or $500.00 per month. $500 x 3500 families per month is over $1 million dollars a month back into our local economy.

Local businesses, churches, organizations and individuals are asked to accrue what they can between now and July 12th when the donations will be tallied live on the air between 9am and 3pm.  Donors are invited to bring in or call in what they have and be part of the broadcasts that day, they can also donate online directly.  100% of money raised goes directly to the Grace Community Food Pantry.

With the food pantry 5:1 wholesale buying ratio, a $100 donation can buy $500 of food.

Flagler Broadcasting’s David Ayres & Kirk Keller will host the 6-hour radio-a-thon asking listeners to call in, stop in or make a donation online at (2405 East Moody Blvd., Bunnell, FL 32110).

100% of the money raised goes directly to the Grace Community Food Pantry.

For more information dial – 386-986-9911