BUNNELL, FL – Flagler County Sheriff’s Office deputies made 38 arrests this past weekend between 6 p.m. on Friday, June 14, 2024, and 6 a.m. on Monday, June 17, 2024. They handled 454 calls for service and made 160 traffic stops.

Couple Arrested for Battery on Law Enforcement Officer, Resisting Arrest in Palm Coast

On June 15, deputies responded to a call at Beacon Mill Lane in Palm Coast to investigate a suspicious incident. An unknown female called 911 asking for help and stating she was hiding in the closet. As dispatchers were obtaining further information, she quickly stated that she “had to go” and ended the phone call.

Responding units made contact with Cherie Ford, 43, who confirmed that she was the caller. Deputies observed broken items in the house, shattered glass on the ground throughout the kitchen and living room, and other signs of a disturbance.

Adam Ford, 47, was also present during the encounter. His hand appeared to be bleeding from what appeared to be a fresh cut. He entered the living room completely naked, and Cherie began to yell at Adam to go back into the bedroom, but he refused.

As deputies tried to determine the reason why 911 was called, both subjects became combative with law enforcement. Adam was extremely hostile and demanded that the deputies leave. Both persons were slurring their words, consistent with being intoxicated, and yelled at the deputies using profanity.

When Cherie attempted to physically get Adam back into the bedroom, deputies attempted to separate Cherie from Adam. Both subjects entered the bedroom, slamming the door shut and interfering with the investigation.

A physical struggle ensued, as Adam actively resisted being handcuffed. He repeatedly pushed the deputies with his hands and swung his feet in a kicking motion toward Deputy Somers, striking him in the chest. Deputy Punsky deployed his taser during the physical altercation and Adam was taken into custody.

Deputy First Class Jenkins and Sergeant West secured Cherie without further resistance. She was arrested for Battery on a Law Enforcement Officer and Resisting Arrest without Violence. Adam was arrested for Battery on a Law Enforcement Officer (x3), Resisting with Violence, and Resisting without Violence. Both subjects were transported to the Sheriff Perry Hall Inmate Detention Facility (SPHIDF), where he is being held on a $41,000 bond and she is being held on a $6,000 bond.

No determination could be made on a disturbance between Cherie and Adam due to their lack of cooperation.

Adam Ford (Flagler County Jail mugshot)

Cherie Ford (Flagler County Jail mugshot)

“Domestic situations can turn deadly. These deranged individuals were a danger to each other, and then took their anger out on our deputies while they were trying to help de-escalate the situation. Fortunately, nobody was seriously harmed,” said Sheriff Rick Staly. “The bottom line is, if you attack a Deputy Sheriff, we will guarantee you a one-way trip to the Green Roof Inn.”

“See Something, Say Something” Leads to Arrest for Battery of Girlfriend in Front of Deputies

On June 15, at 12:51 a.m., deputies responded to a report received by FCSO Communications of a disturbance. The caller stated there was a couple near an address on Plainview Drive in Palm Coast having a verbal argument in a U-Haul vehicle nearby.

Upon arrival, Deputy Magnuson contacted a U-Haul vehicle that was beginning to leave the area. After speaking with the couple, the female decided to end her relationship with Zachary Haslam, 24, of Daytona Beach. During the conversation, Deputy Magnuson observed Haslam use both of his hands to grab her by both of her arms and shake her.

Haslam was subsequently arrested for Battery (Dating Violence). He was additionally arrested for knowingly Driving with License Suspended (1st conviction, 2nd Offense) and issued a citation. He was transported to the SPHIDF, where he is being held on $1,500 bond.

Zachary Haslam (Flagler County Jail mugshot)

“This act of battery was done on scene, right in front of our deputies, and I can assure you that committing a crime or violence in front of a Deputy Sheriff is the fastest way to go to jail,” said Sheriff Staly. “Hopefully this guy will learn how to manage his anger while he spends some time at the Green Roof Inn.”

For bodycam of the arrest: https://bit.ly/4balSjZ

Proactive Patrol Leads to Arrest for Possession of Firearm by Convicted Felon

On June 15, at 3:26 pm, Deputy Harrison was conducting traffic enforcement on N. Ocean Shore Boulevard in Flagler Beach and observed a red Ford Fusion traveling eastbound on Moody Boulevard. A check on the vehicle indicated the registered owner of the vehicle’s had a suspended license, and the registered owner was described as a white female, which did not match what Deputy Harrison observed. Deputy Harrison also observed the vehicle’s driving pattern, which included conducting improper lane changes. For these reasons, a traffic stop was conducted.

In the driver’s seat was a male, later identified as Craig Frazier, 31, of Ocala. In the passenger seat was a female, later identified as the registered owner of the vehicle. While talking with the occupants, Deputy Harrison detected the odor of fresh marijuana emitting from the vehicle. When questioned, both occupants stated they did not possess medical marijuana cards.

Frazier’s criminal history and driver’s license information indicated he had been charged with several violent felonies and firearms charges in the past, including felony Possession of a Weapon by Delinquent Adult in 2015 and Driving while License Suspended in 2018.

A search of the vehicle was conducted, and a backpack was found containing a bag with what appeared to be garbage inside. The odor of marijuana became very prevalent, and a plastic baggie containing a green leafy substance was found concealed in the garbage bag. The leafy substance was field tested on scene and returned positive for THC. It weighed approximately 13 grams. Also in the backpack was a singular live .40 caliber round. A plastic tub containing men’s clothing and sneakers was also located. Inside of the tub was a small green bag containing a black Glock firearm with a loaded magazine.

        Craig Frazier (Flagler County Jail mugshot)

Frazier was arrested for Possession of Firearm by a Convicted Felon, Possession of Marijuana (20 Grams or Less), and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia. He was transported to the SPHIDF, where he is being held on $21,000 bond.

“Great job by Deputy Harrison in getting this armed felon off our roads. Thanks to his proactive patrols, he is spending time in the Green Roof Inn where he belongs,” said Sheriff Staly. “With his criminal history, he learned that he should have followed the law in Flagler County.”