BUNNELL, FL – Cody Driggers, one of the five persons who were permanently banned from their former residence on Blueberry Street for being a nuisance was arrested again after being caught on the property.

In January 2023, Flagler County Sheriff Rick Staly permanently evicted the owner and residents of 2345 Blueberry Street in Bunnell after years of illegal drug activity, overdoses and other criminal behavior occurring at the residence. The injunction prohibited the five defendants from directly or indirectly entering, gathering, maintaining, residing, or otherwise remaining on the property. The injunction also prohibits the owner of the property, John Driggers, who is still incarcerated at a state prison, from leasing, renting, or otherwise permitting individuals to reside and/or gather on the property who may engage in any form of criminal activity.

Drigger’s son, Cody Driggers, previously violated the court order and in February 2023 was found guilty of Contempt after being found on the property and was sentenced to 90 days in jail. He was released on May 3, 2023. He was found on the property again on March 20, 2024, and this time was sentenced to 180 days in jail by Judge France.

“After years of selling poison at their home and being a neighborhood nuisance, this family found themselves permanently evicted, but some of them can’t seem to get the message,” said Sheriff Rick Staly. “This family and their friends were a nuisance to the hard-working people of the Daytona North community. Until they finally learn or move out of Flagler County, we will continue to hold them accountable for not complying with court orders by locking him up in the Green Roof Inn.”

In addition to these charges, Driggers has previously been arrested for 10 felony crimes and 15 misdemeanor crimes. Prior arrests include Burglary of a Dwelling, Animal Cruelty, Credit Card Fraud, Possession of Fentanyl, and Possession of Heroin.