SANFORD, Fla.—This week, First Lady Casey DeSantis joined officers from the Sanford Police Department for a law enforcement de-escalation training at Decision Tactical’s facility. The First Lady also met with families of fallen officers and awarded the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office Community Foundation and Central Florida Concerns of Police Survivors nonprofits with $20,000 each through the Hope Florida Fund.
Decision Tactical provides civilians with an opportunity to experience the quick and difficult decision-making that law enforcement encounter every day in the line of duty through a state-of-the-art simulation facility.
Florida First Lady Casey DeSantis talks with Law Enforcement nonprofits in Seminole County.
First Lady Casey DeSantis launched the Hope Florida Fund in July 2022 to harness the charity of the private sector to give funds to deserving local nonprofit entities through her Hope Florida initiative. Today’s award recipients serve children, families, and those who have suffered the loss of a loved one in uniform. Hope Florida funding awards are made possible by the generosity of the Florida private sector and not at taxpayer expense.
“Law enforcement must make split-second decisions every day in the course of their duty,” said First Lady Casey DeSantis. “It was great to better understand this process through the training facility at Decision Tactical. I am proud to award Hope Florida funds to nonprofits that support the loved ones of fallen officers and provide opportunities for mentorship between law enforcement and youth.”
Law and Order
Thanks to Governor Ron DeSantis’ law and order priorities, Florida is at a 50-year crime low, with overall crime down over 15 percent year-over-year since 2019. Additionally, murder is down 14 percent, burglary is down 15 percent, and robbery is down 17 percent.
Through the Law Enforcement Recruitment Bonus program, Florida has awarded more than 4,000 law enforcement officers with a $5,000 after-taxes bonus. Florida has recruited officers from every state and two U.S. Territories, including more than 340 recruits from states such as Illinois, California, and New York.
Florida First Lady Casey DeSantis talks with law enforcement in Seminole County.
Hope Florida
Floridians who are in need of support can connect with Hope Florida by visiting or calling the Hope Line (850-300-HOPE).

Through implementation at multiple state agencies, Hope Florida utilizes Hope Navigators to guide Floridians on an individualized path to prosperity and economic self-sufficiency by focusing on community collaboration between the private sector, faith-based communities, nonprofits, and government entities to break down traditional community silos, maximize support, and uncover new opportunities. Hope Navigators help individuals identify their unique and immediate needs, develop long-term goals, map out a strategic plan, and work to ensure all sectors of the community have a ‘seat at the table’ to be a key part of the solution.

Media Release & Images: Office of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis