BUNNELL, FLA. (December 21, 2023) – Around 11:30PM last night, an off-duty law enforcement officer in the Grand Reserve subdivision received alerts on his cell phone from his Ring video surveillance system. When the officer checked the alerts, they observed two subjects in their driveway. One subject was wearing a black hoodie and attempting to gain entry to the officer’s personal vehicle in the driveway by pulling on the door handle, but the door was locked. Another subject wearing a tan and gray hoodie was crouched down behind the car, too. The off-duty officer went outside and confronted the two subjects, who both ran away. Meanwhile, another witness called 9-1-1 to Flagler County Sheriff’s Office, who also dispatches for the Bunnell Police Department, which prompted several officers and sheriff’s deputies to respond to the call.

Using their take-home patrol vehicle, the off-duty officer began searching for the subjects and was soon joined by the responding Bunnell police officers and Flagler sheriff’s deputies. The two subjects were quickly located near 80 Fairway Ct, Bunnell, and taken into custody.

Arrested were:

Mekhi O. White, Age 17, of Bunnell

Dontario McCoy, Age 16, of Bunnell

While investigating the incident, officers returned to the original neighborhood and found two separate homes with vehicles entered. One vehicle had its interior dome light on, which is a tell-tale sign in these investigations. Both residents contacted were unaware of their vehicles being burglarized, and they found nothing was taken.

After informing the arrested men of their Miranda Rights, one admitted he burglarized as many as two vehicles to find something to help him pay for repairs to his broken cell phone. When parents were notified of the arrests, officers learned in one case, the male was supposed to be spending the night at his grandmother’s home in Bunnell, but no one was aware he was out. Neither those arrested, nor the grandmother reside in the Grand Reserve subdivision.

White and McCoy were each charged with three felony counts of Burglary to an Unoccupied Conveyance and later released to their parents.

Bunnell Police Chief David Brannon commended the off-duty officer for his efforts and the support provided to responding officers and deputies. He said, “This incident shows the value of home video surveillance systems in combination with a quick call to the police when suspicious activity is observed. However, even the marked police vehicle near the caller’s home wasn’t enough to deter these two geniuses to avoid the area, and it didn’t work out well for them.” The chief added, “Many law enforcement agencies promote on social media the daily ‘9PM Routine’ and we cannot emphasize enough making sure each night, before you go to bed, to take a few simple steps to protect yourself and your hard-earned property: 1. Take the keys out of your vehicle, 2. Remove all valuables from your vehicle, and 3. Lock your vehicle and home doors. Forgetting to take these steps could result in you becoming the victim of grinches like these two young men.” Chief Brannon said, “Thank you to the off-duty officer, and the responding Bunnell police officers and Flagler sheriff’s deputies, who quickly arrested these guys and prevented other burglaries and thefts from occurring.”

Recently, the Bunnell Police Department upgraded their body-worn camera system, which includes a feature where citizens can provide their own surveillance or cell phone videos whenever the police request assistance in an investigation. In this case, the Bunnell Police Department ask residents in the Grand Reserve subdivision to check their home video surveillance systems and doorbell cameras from last night, December 20th, between 11PM and 12AM. If anyone has any video footage possibly related to this incident, please upload your video to the Bunnell Police Department directly by using the below link. If you need assistance, please contact us at (386) 313-4911.

The surveillance video may be uploaded to this link: https://bunnellpdfl.evidence.com/…/public/grandreserve

Media Release: Bunnell Police Department