Palm Coast –The Palm Coast Stormwater and Engineering Department’s pipe team broke their annual record during fiscal year 2023, completing 53 pipe projects, breaking their previous record of 51 projects completed just 2 years before during fiscal year 2021. The team also set a record for amount of new pipe installed, logging nearly one linear mile of pipe.

In addition to the regularly scheduled maintenance and replacement of current pipes, the team is also responsible for any emergency efforts that may be needed when a pipe is unexpectedly compromised. While the average age of a pipe is approximately 30-40 years, the elements and environment it is surrounded by can play a part in the aging process, especially since some of the pipes that have been replaced in the past year have included original pipes that were installed as much as 40 years ago in the early 1980s, using older materials and technology. In recent years, the team has converted to using new plastic-based pipes when suitable, which prolongs the lifespan to an average age of 80-100 years.

Additionally, due to the efforts of keeping all pipe jobs in-house when possible, project costs are often nearly one-third lower than using an outside party, which does not include additional fees that are often implemented by contractors, including equipment transportation, cleanup, and other fees. The ability to offer the highest level of quality in jobs, utilizing the best quality materials, while saving residents tax dollars is something the team takes pride in.

“Breaking this record this is a testament to the hard work of our team, and their commitment to getting projects done quickly and efficiently so that we can get motorists back on our roads as soon as possible,” said Stormwater Maintenance Supervisor Kevin Nelson. “Keeping our residents safe is our #1 priority so when we are able to complete these jobs faster in-house utilizing equipment that we have here at the city and save our residents tax dollars in the process, it really is a win-win for the community.”

View a video of the team discussing their milestone year here:

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