Flagler Beach, FL –May 5, 2021 – In accordance with Governor DeSantis Executive Order 21-102

(Suspending All Remaining Local Government Mandates and Restrictions Based on the COVID-19 State of Emergency), which was issued on May 3, 2021, face-masks in City of Flagler Beach facilities are no longer required.

The wearing or not wearing of face masks as we move forward during the pandemic is a personal decision, and one that we respect.  The City of Flagler Beach strongly recommends the wearing of face-masks in our City facilities, but again, they are no longer required.

In Executive Order 21-102, Governor DeSantis states, “WHEREAS, in light of these recently enacted reforms, the widespread vaccination of Florida residents, and the sufficient supply of vaccines for all eligible Florida residents, I find that it is necessary for the State of Florida to enhance its rapid and orderly restoration and recovery from the COVID-19 emergency by preempting and suspending all remaining local emergency restrictions on individuals and businesses and to return day-to-day life back to normal everywhere in the State”.

The health, safety and welfare of our community is our top priority, and based on the aforementioned Executive Order, we as a city will only strongly encourage our citizens and visitors to wear face-masks while inside City facilities.

Media Release: City of Flagler Beach, Police Chief Matt Doughney