Fishing Report: Early Morning and Overcast Top Water Redfish Bite at High Tide

Hey fellow anglers,

I have to say, this week has been an absolute blast out on the water. The early morning and overcast conditions have made for some incredible topwater redfish action along the grass lines during high tide. It’s been on fire out there, and I’m confident it’s going to continue into the coming week as well!

The secret weapon that’s been doing wonders for me is the Kiss My Fish “creeper” in bone color. This lure has been my go-to bait of choice in these specific conditions, enticing those redfish to strike with reckless abandon (and Taropn too! I’ve lost a few baits this week to those Silver Kings). Watching those explosive topwater strikes is an adrenaline rush like no other!

As the tide starts to fall and the day progresses, I’ve been switching gears and going for soft plastics. Curl tails and paddle tails from Fishbites, Skinny Water lures, or Ancient City Outdoors have been my top picks. Not only has this approach been productive for redfish, but it’s also brought in some impressive flounder catches as well.

The sweet spots have been ranging from the edges of the Intracoastal Waterway (ICW) to the shallowest tidal creeks. The fish seem to be spread out throughout these areas, giving us plenty of opportunities to land quality catches. Patience and persistence have paid off, as I’ve managed to hook into some real beauties this week.

Remember to be stealthy and work those lures slowly along the grass lines, especially during the high tide. The redfish are lurking and ready to ambush unsuspecting prey, so it’s crucial to make your presentation as natural as possible.
It’s hard to put into words the excitement of reeling in these hard-fighting redfish and flounder. The satisfaction of a successful catch and release is what makes fishing such an addictive and rewarding pursuit.

So, pack up your gear, grab your Kiss My Fish “creeper” in bone color, and get ready for some thrilling fishing adventures in the week ahead. Whether you’re hitting the edges of the ICW or exploring the narrow tidal creeks, I have a feeling that the bite is going to remain hot.

Tight lines and good luck out there!

Chris from Skinny Water Lures mentioned even with the dog days of summer upon us, the inshore bite has been on fire for them too.

Early morning top water bite has been key around islands and pinch points. The noise from a topwater lure will attract nearby fish. Making multiple cast in one area will attract nearby fish.

Good numbers of flounder are still being caught around the High Bridge and Long Creek areas. Bouncing or dragging a jighead paired with a curly tail grub or paddle tail along the bottom has these flatties chewing.

A good number of tarpon are being caught around bridges and docks around Palm Coast ICW. Toss out a live mullet under a popping cork and hold on, one will be waiting nearby.

Using a twitch bait style lure under the dock lights at night has been producing a good amount of snook and trout.

Capt. Adam Morley