Yesterday was a productive day of fishing on the Matanzas River. With the full moon and the winds finally letting up, we knew there would be increased water movement with calm surface waters which usually means the predators are going to be more active. While I still had low expectations due to the cooler conditions in the morning, were not disappointed. As we navigated through the flats, we noticed the water was particularly clear, which is always a good sign for spotting fish.
As we approached a grassy point, I noticed movement in the water, and sure enough, it was a school of redfish. I quickly grabbed my Skinny Water Lure Curl Tail with a Blue Crab colored jig head and made a cast towards the school. Shortly after the lure hit the water, one of the reds snatched it up. The fight was solid but I managed to reel the fish in, and it was a beautiful sight to see the redfish shimmering in the sunlight.

We continued to fish along the creek mouths and over oyster bars, and the bite was better than it’s been for a while. I switched to my Bone colored “Creeper” from Kiss My Fish, and it was like the fish were waiting for it. I managed to catch several mid to upper slot redfish using the “Creeper.” It was exhilarating to bring in those fish to the surface and watch them blow up on the top water.

Overall, it was a solid week on the Matanzas River with one one notably slow day. The full moon and strong winds made for some exciting and challenging fishing, and the clear water when the wind died down allowed me to sight fish a school of reds that have been hanging in the area I’ve been fishing. I’m looking forward to this coming week as the conditions seem to be lining up for another productive week of fishing.

Capt. Adam with a Reddish caught on top water.

Chris Corrado, the Palm Coast Canal Fishing group Facebook admin, reported mainly Jacks and a few Reds being caught recently. He also heard of a tarpon was jumped using live mullet. The area has experienced low tides and an abundance of mullet, likely due to strong winds.

Chris with a canal Redfish.

Chris from Skinny Water Lures said the tides are becoming normal again after several days of rain. High Bridge and Long Creek area Redfish are being found around the oyster bars and deep channels on the out-going tides. Incoming tide Redfish are found chasing schools of bait fish and shrimp along the banks.  Target these fish using a swim bait style lure on a steady retrieve or bouncing them on the bottom with a jig head.  More numbers of snook and larger Spotted Sea Trout are being caught around structure with moving water , drop offs, and deep holes on a hard twitch bait style lure.

Chris with a Redfish caught on a paddle tail from Skinny Water Lures.

And Barry with BS Surf Fishing submitted the following report and forecast for the surf: With the winds coming down the water has cleaned up and the pompano are still here. Crab knuckles and ghost shrimp have been the best bait. And the best artificial has been sand flea blue crab and pink and white shrimp from fishbites.
We had a few limits caught before the wind on Friday and Saturday.
And as of 5/3 limits again caught.

The lady fish bite had increased as well with some big ones being caught in the mix of the pompano. The mullet are sitting at the matanzas inlet and should be pushing the beach here soon to really spark the tarpon, bigger jacks, and red fish. And as always the sharks will follow.

The forecast for this weekend is looking really good. The key will to be to find clean water and have the right bait that they’re e feeding on.

Barry and his son with a Pompano.