PALM COAST, Fla. (April 26, 2023) – Closing out the 2022-23 season, it was about as close to The Doobie Brothers as many in the audience have ever been. And it was great.

Jamming out to decades of hits led by Sean Byrne as the incomparable voice of Michael McDonald, the Brothers Doobie – A Doobie Brothers Experience, played hit after hit by the celebrated singer while with The Doobie Brothers and as a solo artist including the theme song from the 80’s movie, ‘Running Scared’ as attendees danced along the aisles.

Carolyn Rockenfield came with friends and raved about the show afterwards.

“They were upbeat continually. We know The Doobie Brothers and we just figured the Brothers Doobie was going to be just as good, and they were. Some tributes are not so hot, but these are really great performers. Sometimes where we live, they play really old music and my husband and I we’re like … really, but this is music we grew up with, so we’re happy with it.”

“We love The Doobie Brothers, and figured the tribute band was going to be just as good, and they were,” agreed Marlene Anderson. “We really enjoyed it.”

Seeing a variety of show throughout the season, patrons were pleased with the eclectic lineup.

“The season was great. We’ve seen Steve Solomon, the Bee Gees, The Eagles, the Doobie Brothers, it makes us feel young again, it makes us feel good,” said Anderson.

Guitar solos and audience engagement brought the audience to their feet, excited to feel and relive their earliest days with The Doobie Brothers.

“The show was excellent, very entertaining. The lead singer especially, was great. I’m a Doobie Brothers fan and I like it all,” said season subscriber Mary Lou Hoffman. “We have season tickets and we’ll be back next year. They do excellent shows.”

“A great ending to the year. I enjoyed this season, it was a great variety. The only thing missing was a couple of weeks when there wasn’t a show,” added Drew Hoffman.

The timing for the show was perfect as The Doobie Brothers are currently on a global tour in celebration of their 50th anniversary. While tickets for shows in places like St. Petersburg are running $300 or more, each, patrons of the Flagler Auditorium were able to enjoy the sounds and songs of The Brothers Doobie for just $45.

“Tonight was fantastic. I haven’t seen a cover band as talented as these musicians. You could see that they have played together for a longtime and they embraced the audience like they were in your back yard,” said Flagler County Cultural Council board member Pam Richardson.

“The singer has a phenomenal voice. I told him he should be in Jesus Christ Superstar and he already performed in it many years ago. He was fantastic and I really had to thank him for a phenomenal performance,” she said, after the show.

Flagler Auditorium Director Amelia Fulmer spoke with patrons afterwards, gauging the show’s success.

“They are world-class musicians. Everything from the bass play to the drummer, they were absolutely amazing and had everybody on their feet,” said Fulmer. “There were some people who stood up after every single song, and we have some serious music listeners.”

The evolution of programming for the Flagler Auditorium over the past two seasons has drawn a new crowd to the venue. Ushering audiences into the late 60s and 70s with shows like the Brothers Doobie, The Long Run, an Eagles’ tribute, and Fleetwood Mac tribute band RUMORS, auditorium director Amelia Fulmer is focused on building the next generation of supporters.

Since taking the helm, Fulmer has also implemented a successful subscription program providing a myriad of benefits to season subscribers, which has proven to be popular with patrons of the arts.

“We are currently renewing our subscribers for next year, and starting August 1st, you can signup to buy a subscription,” said Fulmer, who has more than 100 dedicated subscribers.

The Flagler Auditorium will host a special summer show featuring ‘The Rat Pack Universe and Marilyn Monroe’, with proceeds going to benefit students and teachers in the arts programs.

“If you’re itching for a show, you’ve got to come see The Rat Pack Universe on June 17th. This year we’re bringing in a six-piece Vegas band to play along with them,” she said. “What I’m looking forward to most is that all the proceeds go to Arts in Education.”

“This year we set aside $16,000 for teacher grants and scholarships and we need to keep that fund going. So, every summer when you come to a show, you are helping that. Tonight, we gave away a check for $1,000 to Ester Jackson for summer voice lessons. Five students are given lessons all summer. They learn all kinds of classical music and at the end of their high school career they have 10-12 songs they can audition to college with. This is something kids might not be able to afford but it can change their whole life.”

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