The St. Augustine Archaeological Association is presenting the next in their lecture series on TUESDAY, MARCH 7, FLAGLER ROOM at FLAGLER COLLEGE

This presentation will overview the results of recent work by a team of researchers investigating the Mound Key (8LL2) archaeological site in Southwest Florida. Mound Key has long been considered to have been the most likely candidate as the location for the sixteenth-century seat of power, the effective capitol, of the powerful Calusa kingdom, as well as one of the earliest Spanish missions in Florida.

A team undertook various remote sensing investigations along with subsurface coring and excavations to ground truth and verify details of the site, including the most likely location for the residence and council house of Carlos, the paramount ruler. This research also resulted in definitive evidence for the presence of the fortification and Jesuit mission known as San Antón de Carlos (1565-1569), which were established on the island by Pedro Menéndez de Avilés in the wake of his 1566 visit there.

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