Palm Coast, FL (April 15, 2021) – Welcoming hundreds through the door during the afternoon for a look at the new location, Flagler County Tax Collector Suzanne Johnston didn’t forget those who helped make it happen while pinching pennies to do the work in house, and when the time came, Mike Dickson, Interim General Services Manager for Flagler County, and team member Royce Mitchell were front and center to cut the red ribbon, officially opening the office on Thursday afternoon.

Flagler County Tax Collector Suzanne Johnston (left) puts the Flagler County crew in the spotlight during the ribbon cutting and grand opening ceremonies on Thursday, April 15th. From left Flagler County Tax Collector Suzanne Johnston, Mike Dickson, Interim General Services Director for Flagler County, Royce Mitchell, Flagler Beach Mayor Suzie Johnston and Flagler County Tax Collector Clerk Shelly Edmonson.

Spurred by the need for additional space after COVID restrictions required social distancing, the new 3,000 sq. foot Palm Coast office located in St. Joe Plaza is not only providing benefits to the county’s residents, it’s a breath of fresh air to anchor businesses in the complex who are already seeing an increase in foot traffic.

On hand to emcee the event, Flagler County Commissioner Greg Hansen was pleased with the tremendous turnout, and cost savings associated with the new location.

Flagler County Commissioner Greg Hansen readies the crowd for the official ribbon cutting at the Flagler County Tax Collector’s new Palm Coast office on April 15, 2021.



“This is a significant opening because there are a lot of small businesses in St. Joe Plaza and this is going to bring business here,” said Hansen. “It is a remarkable boon to these small businesses and I think it’s exciting.”

“We had the entire buildout of this space done by county employees and it saved us – one example she (Suzanne Johnston) likes to give is they got quoted $8,500 for a counter. We did it for $200. It’s pretty cool,” he said.

The afternoon was staged as a block party style event by HT Production Company, with DJ Vern Shank playing music, a live broadcast on Flagler Radio with Kevin Kane, a dozen tables representing businesses in the St. Joe Plaza complex, a fire truck and a drunk driving simulation courtesy of the Flagler County Sheriff’s Office.

Celebrating with Suzanne Johnston was her daughter Suzie Johnston, Mayor of Flagler Beach, and Johnston’s sister Kathy Brown, who provided her signature sour cream pound cakes with strawberries and homemade whipped cream for the celebration.

Credit where credit is due. Top notch baker Kathy Brown sweetens up the day for her sister, Flagler County Tax CollectorSuzanne Johnston by providing her signature sour cream pound cakes for the grand opening celebration on April 15, 2021.

“It is so nice when the different county offices jump in to support us,” shared Johnston, surrounded by fellow Constitutional officers, Flagler County Commissioners, and well-wishers from the community.

“You could register to vote, file for homestead exemption, talk with the county commissioners, adopt a dog from the humane society, lots and lots of people were here, and most importantly, the businesses in St. Joe Plaza were so supportive. They had raffles here, they brought food, had tables set up very nicely,” she said with gratitude.

“To cut the ribbon, the county workers who remodeled it were the ones who cut the ribbon, they put their heart and soul into it as craftsmen, you would be so proud of how this building looks and we truly appreciate that.”

Flagler County Tax Collector – Palm Coast Office

213 St. Joe Plaza in Palm Coast, FL

Hours: M-F: 8:30 am to 4:30 pm

Featured Photo: Flagler County Interim General Services Director Mike Dickson and Royce Mitchell do the honors of cutting the ribbon at the Flagler County Tax Collector’s new Palm Coast location on April 15, 2021.