February 5, 2023 – Few artists have such an unassuming impact on the music industry as Christine McVie did. As a member of Fleetwood Mac for decades and as a solo artist, her ability to craft lyrical poetry was unmatched. The music world was left shocked in November 2022 when her passing was announced.

On Sunday evening, just days after Rumours, a Fleetwood Mac tribute band played the Flagler Auditorium, Mick Fleetwood was joined by Sheryl Crow and Bonnie Raitt for a tribute of their own, singing ‘Songbird’, at the Grammys award show.

Written by McVie, the song was part of Fleetwood Mac’s legendary hitmaking Rumours album. As The Recording Academy recognized members of the industry who had passed away over the last year, the list closed with her signature song.

Playing ‘Songbird’ during the performance at the Flagler Auditorium on Friday evening, the sold-out crowd soaked up every ounce of the tribute band’s energy.

“We had a fabulous show at the Flagler Auditorium with the Fleetwood Mac group Rumours-ATL from Atlanta and they were fantastic,” said attendee Pam Richardson. “They have a magnificent tone. They were wonderfully welcomed by a sold-out crowd and everybody was so happy. All ages, all stages.”

“The girl who played Stevie Nicks’ voice was fantastic. Not only was she right on tone, but there was a girl who did Christine McVie. She played her keyboard and sang to ‘Songbird’ that had the whole room crying,” she said.

“They were just nonstop. It was an hour straight that went by in minutes. They played fantastic songs and by the end they got standing ovations over and over again. Amazing talent.”

Photo courtesy Pam Richardson