Yes, it’s January and some of us are still trying desperately to keep those new year’s resolutions or promises to ourselves to at least try to go a little healthier.

Last night driving to Culver’s with the kids, I glanced over and noticed Planet Fitness was packed. The night before, CRUNCH in Daytona was jammin’ too.

At least some people are managing to hang on.

Personally, I decided to significantly reduce the amount of fast food I consume. Don’t get me wrong. I absolutely LOVE a McDouble, especially when the cheese is all melty and hot, and just the smell of a Burger King hamburger on the grill makes me consider putting on the blinker.

Being super busy and on the road A LOT,  it’s so convenient to pull through at my favorite fast food place – Chick-fil-A, Zaxby’s, heck, even a mouthwatering batch of corn nuggets with their homemade ranch dressing from Sonny’s, rather than spending an hour at home cooking and cleaning up.

Traveling to my parents’ house over the holiday we decided to limit our fast food to two trips and we did it. It set me up for the mindset to keep trying to cook at home, eat healthy and reduce sodium. It lasted until this week. Driving home from an event, on a whim, I went thru Mickey D’s. That was it. Followed by Taco Bell on Wednesday evening after a very, very long day, and Thursday night was Culver’s. And let me say, that mushroom swiss butter burger was worth every bite.

But the truth is, I don’t feel fabulous after consuming all that stuff. There’s a difference in the way I feel after eating fresh fruits and veggies. And after days of eating healthy, I feel really, really good.  Maybe part of it’s mental. Who knows?

But I’m staying on the wagon and decided to get inspired.  Fridays will be ‘Get Fresh Friday’, sharing a fresh wholesome lunch idea that will maybe inspire you too.

To kick it off is a homemade fruit and cheese plate, with a few bites of Peppermint Patty to seal the deal. Quick and easy to make, it’s just enough to get to dinner and packed with healthy stuff. Have a good healthy suggestion or a place that serves a really healthy delicious dish? Send me an email at and I’ll try it out.

Cheers to the good stuff.