PALM COAST, Fla. (November 30, 2022) Very few can shake the rafters like Freddie Mercury but on Wednesday evening, One Night of Queen came pretty darn close. With energy among the crowd seen at events like the ABBA and Bee Gees tribute shows, the Flagler Auditorium was alive with the electrifying performance.

From Fat Bottomed Girls to Bohemian Rhapsody, when Gary Mullen stepped on stage it was full on Freddie Mercury in the house earning nods of approval from fans who’d seen Queen perform.

“Fantastic show. Love them,” said John Malone. “I saw Queen three times. Twice with Freddie Mercury and once with Paul Rogers. He’s an excellent Freddie Mercury.”

“His moves are out of this world,” added Joan Malone.

Watching nearly every show that passes through the doors of the Flagler Auditorium, audio engineer Cole Seever, has a qualified opinion and he was impressed.

“One Night of Queen is probably the best band that’s ever stepped foot here at the Flagler Auditorium,” he said. “It’s the mix, the instrumentation, everything is spot on. Even the guy that’s playing Freddie Mercury, identical. It’s pretty awesome.”

Hard to find an empty seat in the house, Flagler Auditorium director Amelia Fulmer continues to receive positive feedback from patrons on the success of this season’s line up.

“It has been great. I’m telling you, the theme this year is ‘The Thrill of Live Performance’, well, it has come,” said Fulmer.

“We have the lights, the drummer, the sound, and we’re just so excited about it begin packed here. Everybody’s getting up, dancing, having a great time, really enjoying themselves and thanking us for bringing them.”

Making his way throughout the auditorium, interacting with fans who eagerly snapped photos while he continued to sing, it was near pandemonium for the venue.

“I think this show is fabulous,” said Holly Berg, hanging out with friend Donna Principato. “I’ve never seen Queen before and I just love it. We’ve been dancing and having a good time.”

Donna Principato and Holly Berg

Tickets are on sale now for the next performance on the Flagler Auditorium stage featuring comedian Steve Solomon, with “My Mother’s Italian, My Father’s Jewish, Home for the Holidays … The Therapy Continues” on December 8th at 7:00 p.m. Solomon’s show is followed by the Southeast Navy Band on December 18th and the State Ballet of Ukraine’s performance of Sleeping Beauty on January 6, 2023.

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