“Just put all your buddies in charge” said no successful leader ever.

Bad leaders only promote their buddies. Good leaders only promote based upon competence and integrity.

When you hire or promote a pal over a more qualified candidate, you are writing a personal check on the company bank account. It’s wrong. Leaders put the mission, culture, team, and customers first.

It’s not who you like or who is like you, it is who do we need to best achieve our mission, goals, and objectives. Promote those who know and can do things you don’t know and cannot do.  If you want to see your pals during the workday, that’s called “lunch.”

From the Teacher: Leadership Lessons with Dr. Saviak is a weekly column with the esteemed Joseph C. Saviak, Ph.D., J.D., M.A., M.S., Management Consulting & Leadership Training

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