ST. AUGUSTINE, Fla. (October 23, 2022) Opening the Gamble Rogers Concert Series Live from the Waterworks fall event, it was a sold out crowd ready for an evening of acoustic performances by Ruth Wyand and Doyle Dykes, hosted by the St. Johns Cultural Council in conjunction with the Gamble Rogers Music Festival.

Guests in attendance received an unexpected treat, inconspicuously greeted at the door by none other than Gamble Rogers’ daughter Lolly, who now serves of the president of the board of directors for the Gamble Rogers Music Festival.

Christina Parrish-Stone, Lolly Rogers. Photo: Flagler News Weekly

Thrilled to be back in the community so reverent of her father’s legacy, she appreciated the chance to be present for the first show.

“Tonight I’m here as a volunteer to check people in and help make it work,” she said.

“So incredibly important on a number of reasons. He was such a talented person. What he could give to people while he was still alive, that gift, if it can keep going so can keep carrying that talent and that gift and that way of playing music, it’s hugely important. And also, because of who he was as a person. If we all who are working on the festival or the series remember who he was, then that just really makes it so important.”

The support clearly touched her heart as she talked about him.

Steve Lowe, Christina Parrish-Stone. Photo: Flagler News Weekly

“It is so heartwarming and I feel so lucky. It’s been my dream to move back home and be part of the festival and here I am getting to do it,” said Rogers.

Among those in attendance was Steve Lowe, also a board member since the organization’s inception.

Lowe credits Gamble Rogers for changing his life in a positive way, offering his wife a professional gig, which led to her professional touring schedule, where she met Lowe. Passing away ten years ago after a battle with cancer, Lowe said her impact on him after 32 years of marriage made him a better person, and for that, he’s thankful to Gamble Rogers.

“My wife met Gamble Rogers and Will McLean in 1969 when she was 15 years old. Because of him she was playing professionally when she was 16. I met her playing music, so I owe my life to him because that how we connected,” he said of meeting his wife and soulmate, Michelle Moncrief Lowe.

“It’s very special. Anywhere we can have a Gamble event is special. This is our first night here and as you can see we’re packed and I’m very happy with it,” said Lowe.

Folk artist Ruth Wyand. Photo: Flagler News Weekly

Since taking the helm of the St. Johns County Cultural Council in 2019, Christina Parrish-Stone has worked diligently to connect residents and visitors to underrepresented cultural experiences while encouraging established events like the Gamble Rogers Folk Festival to step out of their comfort zone to create new, exciting events to showcase The Nation’s Oldest City.

“We are so excited, the room looks great, we’ve heard sound checks and the artists are incredible,” said Parrish-Stone in between welcoming guests.

“It’s a beautiful historic building on the National Register of Historic Places. The reason this one is particularly important is that all proceeds go to help make the Gamble Rogers Folk Festival bigger and better than ever. Of course, Gamble Rogers is our legendary troubadour from St. Augustine.”

Announcing the confirmed headliner Iris DeMent for the 2023 Gamble Rogers Folk Festival, set for the second week of April at the St. Johns County Fairgrounds, during her opening remarks to the audience, Parrish-Stone drew nods of approval from the packed house.

“She was John Prine’s duet partner for many, many years. If you know the song “In Spite of Ourselves”, that’s Iris DeMent singing on that,” she shared.

Parrish-Stone is looking forward to showcasing the national talent available during the Live at the Waterworks series.

“We have nine shows lined up with fall, winter and spring, and we do have a few tickets left for our November and December shows as general admission. The tickets for the winter shows will be available in November.”

“We want to (grow) this festival, which has been amazing for many years. The money from this is going to help grow the Gamble Rogers Folk Festival,” she said.

Visit for information on the upcoming shows.