Summer’s not over yet and there’s still time to plan that last minute family vacation. Why not try something new?

Where To Go: Grand Ole Opry in Nashville, Tennessee

You don’t have to love country music to be awestruck by the Grand Ole Opry. You just have to appreciate history and talent. Stepping through the doors of a music venue like this is always impressive. Sitting down to listen to the opening message by Garth Brooks, if you are not in tears by the time it’s over, you may not have a pulse. The sheer magnitude of talent that has graced the stage at the Opry, the reverence for ‘The Circle’, the career defining moment of being invited to become a member, there are almost no words.

Led by tour guides who have a bird’s eye view to the inner workings of this magnificent piece of country music history, their respect and appreciation for what they’ve seen over decades translates as they show you the star dressing rooms, the photographs, sharing stories and personal memories. Engraved brass placards name each member of the Opry and Blake Shelton’s story offers a giggle. Visitors get a chance to see the studio where Hee Haw was taped for years and have their photo taken inside ‘The Circle’.

It’s a truly special experience and well worth the visit.

The Grand Ole Opry makes it easy to plan your visit offering information on everything from accommodations to eateries on their website. You can also plan your trip to coincide with artist performances from rising stars to country music legends. Get a peek at what’s happening at the Opry before you go, here.

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