June 11, 2021 – Flagler County Emergency Management Director Jonathan Lord completed FEMA’s National Emergency Management Advanced Academy (NEMAA) late last month, adding to the breadth of knowledge he has in his field.

“Participating in the NEMAA was an amazing opportunity to learn from and work with emergency management leaders from around our country,” Lord said.

Lord was already a certified Florida Professional Emergency Manager – recognizing those who possess advanced and diverse knowledge, skills, and abilities to perform effectively. This certification adds another layer to his expertise.

The NEMAA program enhances participants’ skillsets in the following areas: program management and oversight, effective communication at all levels, integrated collaboration, and strategic thinking.

“The discussions and analysis that occurred through-out the program afforded me the opportunity to broaden my perspective as it relates to disaster preparedness, response, recovery, and mitigation,” Lord said. “Discussing the successes, and opportunities for improvement, experienced by other disaster impacted communities only improves our emergency management team’s ability to successfully serve our great community.”

Lord began his tenure with Flagler County in January 2018. He previously worked as the deputy director for the State of Florida Division of Emergency Management, and before that as the deputy director of Emergency Management for Miami-Dade County.

He was elected in February 2020 to his seventh term serving on the Board of the Florida Emergency Preparedness Association (FEPA). In addition to his board position with FEPA, Lord also serves as the chair of the County Emergency Management Directors Working Group.

Media Release: Flagler County, Julie Murphy MPIO


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