Flagler County, FL – While the Flagler Auditorium opened its doors on Friday night for the first performance since the pandemic began, it was the work of Flagler Palm Coast High School senior Alexis Kittrell that was front and center for audiences during the 2021 Community Celebration Series pre-show portion of the entertainment, as Flagler Technical College unveiled their new logo.
Showcasing Kittrell’s work the logo was selected to serve as the technical college’s new mascot, with the stingray featuring prominently around the school’s initials, giving it a finished look according to Renee Stauffacher, Director of Flagler Technical College, in Palm Coast.
“We’ve been working with Flagler Palm Coast High School and the digital design program, so tonight we reveal the winner of the competition of our mascot logo, and we honor Alexis Kittrell,” revealed Stauffacher.
“It’s our first time with a mascot, so we are the Flagler Technical College Stingrays. We were looking for something that was sea life because we’re right here on the beach, and the stingray she came up with is sleek and awesome. We love it.”
It’s the second update the school has received in recent months, to more accurately reflect the school’s identity as the premier career college in the community.
“We also just changed our name, from Flagler Technical Institute to Flagler Technical College, so this was the next step in that process,” said Stauffacher. “It’s helping everyone in the community understand who we are and what we do,” she said.
Kittrell’s instructor, Ed Beckett, who oversees digital media and advanced placement 2D design at Flagler Palm Coast High School, was thrilled for his student, who in addition to serving as his teaching assistant, is enrolled in his advanced Digital Media 3 class.
Beckett encourages his students to grow their portfolios with professional projects, noting the opportunities benefit them by creating real world experiences.
“I think that using the advanced design classes as a platform for involving the students in as many “real life” design applications is a huge deal,” said Beckett.
“These students get to work with real life design clients, and they get to experience the issues along the way that professional graphic designers experience. This experience creates a bond with the practical knowledge that is required to be a successful graphic designer. That experience is irreplaceable and immeasurable and can’t be obtained in any other way. In addition, these students get to put all of these projects that they’ve created for real life clients in their portfolios,” he said.
Beckett was pleased to share another milestone for Kittrell before her graduation this spring.
“Alexis has actually recently used her experiences and the portfolio that she’s created along the way to obtain a design position for TEEN Magazine,” he said. “I am so proud of her and excited for her.”
For more information on Flagler Technical College, visit https://flaglertech.edu/.
Pictured: Chris McDermott, Renee Stauffacher, Lynn Taillon and Travis Thomas represent Flagler Technical College during the 2021 Community Celebration Series opening, at the Flagler Auditorium in Palm Coast on Friday evening, for the big reveal of their new logo and mascot, the Flagler Technical College Stingray. January 29, 2021.


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