Mark your calendars because it’s going to be a BIG day. Starting with Free For All Friday on July 8th at 9 AM, it’s going to be a full throttle fundraising effort by Flagler Broadcasting, local businesses and community residents to raise $200,000 in six hours.

But wait, I thought you said Million Dollar Food-a-Thon? 

Yes it true! All the money raised goes to support the Grace Community Food Pantry, and with the buying power of the Flagler County nonprofit, $200,000 of hard cash means $1 MILLON dollars worth of food. Serving more than 3,500 families a month (6,000 during the pandemic), the Grace Community Food Pantry will be able to put food on the table for every family in need FOR THE REST OF THE YEAR.

We all know the holidays are tough for struggling families. Combine it with inflation, gas prices, and back-to-school needs (have you been shopping for clothes and shoes lately?), and you have a recipe for disaster. Flagler County is one of the most generous counties in the nation – it may be opinion, but it’s stated by every nonprofit that is a recipient of that generosity.

Broadcasting live on 94.9 FM from 9 am to 3 pm on Friday, July 8th, you can stop by the Flagler Broadcasting studios at 2405 E. Moody Blvd, Bunnell, nestled between the Flagler County Courthouse and GEA Auto in the shopping plaza, and make a donation. Tell listeners live and on air why you’re donating, and invite your friends and fellow business owners, neighbors, church group or bunco group to come on down and share the love.

No donation is too big or too small to make an impact, and together, we can do it! Make a pledge TODAY.