Flagler County is seeking photogs who would like to do more than chat about their snaps to submit their images for the Florida Association of Counties (FAC) 2023 calendar contest “Keep Calm and Love Water.”

“This is such a wonderful theme for us because there are so many beautiful bodies of water in Flagler County to showcase,” said County Administrator Heidi Petito. “I also know we have a lot of great photographers in our community, so we are reaching out for help in presenting to the rest of the state of Florida what we love best about our home – our waterways.”

Flagler County will submit the entries on behalf of individual photographers. The Florida Association of Counties will give photographers credit for their images in the calendar.

“In the past when we have had a winning entry, FAC provided us with additional copies,” Petito said. “I fully expect that we will be able to provide calendars to the winning photographer.”

Entry requirements are as follows:

  • Theme – “Keep Calm and Love Water.”
  • MUST BE SHOT IN FLAGLER COUNTY (it is helpful if the location is identified).
  • Photos must be at least 3000 pixels / 300 DPI and in .JPEG format (horizontal format for calendar).
  • Photos with logos, names, time and date stamps or watermarks will not be accepted.
  • Flagler County deadline is August 10 so that the county can get them prepared for submission and submitted.
  • Submit to jmurphy@flaglercounty.gov.

A submission attests to the fact that the photographer/submitter has all rights and permissions to the photo (and for the images/likenesses of any identifiable people) and is allowing Flagler County to submit the photo in the 2023 Florida Association of Counties 10th Annual Photo Contest, as well as for other county uses, none of which are for profit. Please include the following with the submission:

  • “I,  (full name)   , hereby certify that the attached photo is the original work of the entrant. It is also understood that Flagler County will have the right to reproduce, publish and/or exhibit the work in any format including newspapers, brochures, the county website, or Facebook and other social media pages. It is further understood that Flagler County assumes no responsibility or liability for any submitted work.”