Palm Coast, Fla. (April 20, 2022) – Watching from the head of the table, Flagler Palm Coast High School teacher Viki White soaked in the moment. Nearly a dozen students from the high school’s Allied Health medical flagship program listened intently as Sharon Lamberton, a registered nurse, answered questions posed by the classmates.

Offering what is likely a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, students of one of the newer flagship programs in the Flagler County school district were provided with a chance to meet Lamberton, Deputy Vice President of State Policy and External Outreach for PhRMA, as part of the Young Tiger Program hosted monthly by the Flagler Tiger Bay Club.

Allied Health instructor Viki White watches as her students engage in Q&A with April guest speaker Sharon Lamberton, on April 20, 2022.

Sponsored by individual and corporate club members, the program connects high school and college students to professionals in their field of study or interest.

“It’s really important for my students to talk to real world people who are working in the health care industry. The nice thing about Sharon is, she’s bigger than Palm Coast. She’s in DC, she’s a lobbyist. She’s working with big name companies and it’s so important, I think, for them to see a woman in a position like this because most of my students are female,” explained White.

“It’s good for them and they can see themselves moving into a position like this. It’s huge for them to see anyone in the medical community, just to see real life examples, of what they could become,” she said.

Lamberton was the featured guest speaker for the Flagler Tiger Bay Club’s April meeting at the Hammock Dunes Club.  Her presentation focused on science-based facts about the COVID vaccines and trials, while offering a peek behind the curtain of the pharmaceutical industry.

Young Tiger Jagger Haley listens to the presentation on April 20, 2022.

“As a nurse, I feel like outreach to the community is the heart of healthcare. The part of health care that’s missing now days is the intense education that people need to know, to really dispel misconceptions and to educate us so we can prevent the further spread of this pandemic virus,” said Lamberton.

Expressing appreciation for the diverse questions presented by members during the luncheon, Lamberton was candid in her delivery of the facts when answering.

Sharon Lamberton, Deputy Vice President of State Policy and External Outreach for PhRMA. Photo: Flagler News Weekly

“It’s been a great opportunity to work with youth, and with community members and leaders, and elected officials to talk about the pandemic.”

“I was pleasantly surprised by the level of engagement. They are bringing forth questions that are reflective of the confusion that’s out there as far as guidelines and what should or should not be done, and what the future looks like,” she said.

Recruiting speakers through a national network of personal and professional relationships has solidified Flagler Tiger Bay Club’s reputation as draw for high profile guests, according to Flagler Tiger Bay Club President Greg Davis, who was pleased to welcome Lamberton to speak on behalf of the 33 member Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America.

Flagler County Commissioner Greg Davis, Sharon Lamberton, Deputy Vice President of State Policy and External Outreach for PhRMA, AdventHealth Palm Coast Foundation Director John Subers and Flagler Tiger Bay Club President Greg Davis. Photo: Flagler News Weekly

“Our speaker, Sharon Lamberton from PhRMA was just outstanding,” said Davis. “The program, talking about the data, the information, the knowledge she gave. We’ve had great speakers and programs but I think folks were just so excited about the content she brought here today, and learned a tremendous amount.”

The Flagler Tiger Bay Club will host John Thrasher, past president of Florida State University and former Florida Speaker of the House (1999-2000), for the May 18th meeting at Hammock Dunes Club.