The SPEAKER pro tempore. The Chair recognizes the gentleman from 
Florida (Mr. Waltz) for 5 minutes.
  Mr. WALTZ. Madam Speaker, on December 25, Volusia County, Florida, 
lost a great businessman and valued community leader, Mike Jiloty. 
Through Mike's hard work and personal approach to business, he received 
hundreds of industry awards. Serving as the president of United Way of 
Volusia and Flagler Counties, Mike fought for the health, education, 
and stability of every person in his community. He dedicated his time 
to the FUTURES Foundation for Volusia County Schools to better prepare 
students for their careers.
  As a graduate of the Leadership Florida Class XIV, Mike used his 
skills as a leader to serve his community and was honored by several 
organizations, including the Volusia Association of School 
Administrators, the Daytona Beach Community College Foundation, the 
Conklin Center for the Blind, and the Lodging and Hospitality 
Association of Volusia County.
  Madam Speaker, Mike Jiloty is a true example of a servant leader. He 
sought to inspire others, to make his community a better place, and he 
is missed dearly. It is my honor to recognize him on the floor of the 
House of Representatives today.

 Honoring the 75th Anniversary of Jackie Robinson Integrating Baseball

  Mr. WALTZ. Madam Speaker, Jackie Robinson once said, ``A life is not 
important except in the impact it has on other lives.'' On April 15, 
1947, Jackie Robinson created a lasting impact on the lives of 
generations of Americans when he stepped out of the dugout at Ebbets 
Field before a crowd of more than 26,000 spectators. This moment would 
change the course of history and have a lasting impact for generations 
as he broke the color barrier as the first African-American player in 
professional baseball history.
  Jackie Robinson is a true servant leader, and his life and legacy has 
had a major impact across the country, including in my own 
congressional district, where I am honored to have a piece of his 
legacy at the Daytona City Island Ballpark where, in 1946, Jackie 
Robinson played in the very first integrated major league baseball 
spring training game. In 1990, in honor of the life and legacy of 
Jackie Robinson, the Daytona City Island Ballpark would be renamed the 
Jackie Robinson Memorial Ballpark.
  Jackie Robinson's impact was felt across the Nation. It was the first 
time a Black player competed with a minor league team against a major 
league team since the color line was implemented in baseball in the 
1880s. As we observe the 75th anniversary of his courageous act, it is 
clear the impact and legacy of Jackie Robinson on the advancement of 
human rights will be everlasting.

                  A1A Designated an All-American Road

  Mr. WALTZ. Madam Speaker, of the approximately 4 million miles of 
byways and highways that stretch in all directions across the United 
States, there are very few that come close to the beauty, history, and 
serenity that encompasses the 72-mile stretch of A1A that runs from St. 
Johns County, Florida, to Flagler County. Flanked by the Atlantic Ocean 
and crisscrossing the St. Johns River and Intracoastal Waterway, for 
more than 75 years the A1A

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has provided motorists with breathtaking views as it seamlessly 
intertwines Florida's most remarkable coastal landscapes and deep-
rooted history.
  As a kid growing up in northeast Florida, any drive along the A1A 
scenic and historic coastal byway was a reminder of how lucky we were 
to live in such a beautiful place.
  Now, as the Representative of Florida's north central region, home to 
beautiful segments of A1A, I was proud to cast one of my very first 
votes in support of the Reviving America's Scenic Byways Act in 
February of 2019. This act requires the Department of Transportation to 
issue a request for nominations to be designated under the National 
Scenic Byways Program and make publicly available a list specifying the 
roads designated. President Trump signed the bill into law in September 
of 2019.
  I am pleased to announce in the Congressional Record that on March 29 
of 2022, the ribbon-cutting ceremony occurred for the Federal Highway 
Administration's designation of this beautiful stretch of A1A as an 
All-American Road.


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