Flagler County, FL – Performing the song that inspired their band’s name, lead singer Rosemary Scalzo belted out the words to Fire & Ice with a passion that would have given Pat Benatar chills.

Bringing the gritty sound and powerful lyrics of Pat Benatar to the stage, Fire & Ice had audience members singing along during the “Stronger Together: A Salute to Women” evening at the Flagler Auditorium as part of the 2021 Community Celebration Series on Saturday, March 13, 2021.

It was a tribute to the legendary singer who paved the way for women who rock starting in 1975, racking up four Grammy awards, and making history as the very first female artist to appear on MTV.

A girls’ night out for Suzy Gamblain, Faith Gamblain and Judy Mazzella, the trio were filled with enthusiasm over the live show, and Faith Gamblain could be seen rocking out to the songs she grew up with.

Girl’s night out, Faith Gamblain, Suzy Gamblain and Judy Mazzella jam out during the Pat & Pink Show.

“I’m having an amazing time,” said Gamblain. “It just took me way back and it’s so funny because when I saw the post on social media, I was the one who got everybody to come. I’m a mom, and I’m at home taking care of my kids, so tonight is girls’ night.”

As the third installment of the 2021 Community Celebration Series, the evening’s program “Stronger Together: A Salute to Women” featured a number of trailblazing women and organizations supporting women’s empowerment in Flagler County.

Boss Ladies of Flagler County founder Ana Reyes-Ouzts joins Flagler Auditorium director Amelia Fulmer and Cindy Dalecki representing Professional Women of Flagler County for the “Stronger Together: A Salute to Women” evening at the Flagler Auditorium as part of the 2021 Community Celebration Series on Saturday, March 13, 2021.

The pre-show networking event offered patrons a chance to learn more about professional, social, and service organizations supporting women of all ages before settling in for “The Ultimate Pat Benatar & Pink Tribute” show.

Taking the stage during the intermission, members of the AAUW and Flagler County Historical Society (FCHS) shared with audiences the Florida Women’s Voting Rights Museum project known as “Move That Church” currently underway.

Sharing information on the Florida Women’s Voting Rights Museum project Kimble Medley, Susie Baird and Theresa Owen inspire patrons with their enthusiasm and call for support.

After a successful campaign to add Bunnell resident and suffragist Alice Scott Abbott to the Florida Women’s Hall of Fame in 2021, the organizations have continued to work closely on the museum project.

“All we’ve got to do is some fundraising to make that happen and we’re hoping that Flagler County and the residents here will help us out because it’s going to be a great thing for women’s voting rights,” said FCHS representative James Fiske.

“It’s a great partnership because they (women) didn’t have voting rights up until 1920, and we’re here to help make ‘Move That Church’ happen. Kids now days know nothing about it, so education, education, education is going to be the big thing that we’re looking at,” he said.

AAUW member Kim Medley said the organizations appreciated the opportunity to highlight the ‘Move That Church’ project and increase awareness within the community.

“We found a 1916 Adventist Church and we know Alice Scott Abbott was its music director and Sunday school teacher,” explained Medley, whose goal is to make it the official Women’s Voting Rights Museum for the State of Florida.

“We want all women, all girls and especially boys, because one day boys are going to have daughters who are going on to become governors and presidents, and we want them to know the legacy of the suffrage movement. I hope they take away the importance of this movement and how excited we are.”