Daytona Beach, FL: (AAEA) The African American Entrepreneurs Association is highly honored to announce its most recent partner member, the Daytona Tortugas, Daytona’s Class A minor league baseball affiliate of the Cincinnati Reds. This partnership will enable the AAEA to continue to expand its ability to offer essential community support programs and education to minority business owners and those individuals ready to become business owners.

“I feel honored to follow the footsteps of the Great Jackie Robinson and other black history makers that have paved the way for the African American and minority communities through partnerships that support equity, diversity, and inclusion,” says Leslie Giscombe, Founder and CEO at African American Entrepreneurs Association.

“Much appreciation and gratitude to Josh McCann, Community Relations & Outside Events Manager, for seeing synergy in this partnership! Together, we have some great programs lined up for the community, including the African American and minority communities.”

 “We are very excited to partner with the African American Entrepreneurs Association,” said Josh McCann, Community Relations & Outside Events Manager. “As proud tenants of Jackie Robinson Ballpark, the Daytona Tortugas have always prided ourselves on celebrating the contributions of barrier breakers who change the face of sports and society. Now we are looking to take those efforts to the next level, and this partnership is a wonderful example of that.”

The AAEA focuses it’s partnerships on businesses and organizations that are dedicated to the support of equity, diversity, and inclusion. The Daytona Tortugas and the MiLB are shining examples of these attributes.  This partnership is in step with the launch of the Minor League Baseball initiative “The Nine,” a new, Black-community focused outreach platform named for the number Jackie Robinson wore while playing in MiLB. The Nine initiative will connect MiLB teams’ existing programming for Black-community focused development efforts along with the Copa de la Diversión, the Latino fan engagement platform introduced in 2017,in showcasing the teams’ commitment to representing, honoring, and welcoming all fans to MiLB.

With the growing strength of this partnership, together the AAEA and the MiLB team The Daytona Tortugas will work to build stronger relationships with local Black-owned and operated businesses, to embrace and showcase the Black culture and make minority growth and development a community priority through new opportunities.

Likewise, with the celebration of Black History month, this partnership honors the trailblazers that have led the way. The home of The Daytona Tortugas is located in historic downtown Daytona Beach, where the Tortugas play their home games at the famous Jackie Robinson Ballpark.  Just taking a walk around the ballfield, one can be immersed in the intentionality to honor and celebrate the historic impact these numerous Black pioneers have made.

The partnership of the AAEA and The Daytona Tortugas is one full of passion for the minority communities and are singularly focused on making great gains in all aspects of the minority lifestyles, from personal to business as well as the athletic communities.

Media Release: Isalina Zane. Julia Kline-Fuentes