By: Nancy Crouch, Grand Haven Croquet Club

Nine members of the Grand Haven Croquet Club competed in a weekend Holiday
Classic tournament held at the Sarasota County Croquet Club in Venice, FL in
December. Championship B flight was won by Nancy Crouch with Robert
Brightman coming in second. First Flight was won by Marsha Cargill with Bill Todd
placing second; and Third Flight was taken by Gary Gamble with Jim Hester in

Jim Hester and Gary Gamble

Seven Grand Haven Club members returned to compete in the annual Jones
Invitational held January 27-30 at the Sarasota County Croquet Club. First flight
brought Bill Todd a first place win; Marsha Cargill first place in the Second Flight,
and Jim Hester bringing home first place over fellow club member Margaret
Matuszak who came in second in the Third Flight.


(Left: Bill Todd, Marsha Cargill)
(Right: Margaret Matuszak and Jim Hester)
(Photo credit: Robert Brightman)


Marsha Cargill and Bill Todd
Nancy Crouch and Robert Brightman