It’s totally unfair, but hey, there’s always an open invitation to #VisitFlorida. We’re some of the friendliest people around and our state is pretty much one big welcome wagon for friends from across the country.

So while friends and family were hunkering down in an ice storm from Colorado to Ohio and Virginia last week, Floridians were taking advantage of two days of near 80 degree weather to nab a seat outdoors at one of our many beachfront eateries.

Relaxing on the deck at Oceanside Beach Bar & Grill and looking out over miles of Atlantic Ocean from our perch, it was hard to decide which was better – the menu or the views.

In the midst of a conversation on how to pronounce gyro (I’d swear it’s juh-eye-roh and my lunch companions called it a yuh-eye-roh? Does anybody really know?) and I land on the Chicken Johnny. Now I’ve never known Oceanside Beach Bar & Grill co-owner John Lulgjuraj to be a chicken so it’s another double take.

What’s that?

Ingredients: “Golden brown chicken tenders topped with melted American and Swiss cheese, wrapped in a grilled pita with shredded lettuce, diced tomatoes and mayo // 12.99”

Spring-like weather has a way of inspiring one to go healthy-ish (plus, I’m not saying gyro again!) so, I go for it. With onion rings, of course.

At the moment of delivery, I was almost jealous of the gorgeous salad that arrived at our table, but the Chicken Johnny turned out to be a seriously delicious. Nearly overstuffed, it was a whopping portion with a crispy side of onion rings and some of the best tasting homemade ranch dressing I’ve had in a while. In fact, there’s only one other place in Flagler with notable ranch like this and that’s Sonny’s BBQ.

Dessert was just as decadent, but was devoured long before I could snap a photo. But let me say, there was a piece of chocolate cake that was absolutely stunning and what looked like a caramel cheesecake. If your mouth is watering, take a peek before you go or wait and see what’s on the special board for the day. It’s all fresh and fabulous.

Chicken Johnny at Oceanside Beach Bar & Grill, Flagler Beach.