Let’s face it. There are jobs we can’t do, don’t have time to do or just don’t want to do (who really wants to cut the grass in the heat?). Creating the perfect solution to fill the need, The To-Do Dudes are stepping up and stepping in, when people need help. As this week’s The Big Five guest, we meet entrepreneur and founder Erik Libby and his team.

How did The To-Do Dudes get started and when? 

I began the company in Hammock Dunes doing work for my grandmother in May of 2020. She lives on a golf course and I was helping her in her backyard laying lava rock and spreading mulch. Throughout the day many of her friends were on the golf course passing by asking if I could help them with similar at home projects. It then struck me how valuable a service of home assistance could be for the members of the Palm Coast community. We started out small assisting customers purely by referrals, but as the word continued we began to expand our operation. After a year and a half in business we have now completed work for over 300 customers, finishing over 1,000 jobs, with now 12 total team members on board.

What kind of services do you provide? 

We are a company that focuses on a wide variety of services including Moving/ Heavy Lifting, Handyman, Light Housekeeping, Outdoor work, Errands, House Chores, Personal Assistance, Party/ Event Help, and more!

Who have been your clients so far and are there services that are the most popular requests? 

The popular requests definitely vary by the time of year. All year round we are helping with moving jobs. Whether it be loading/ unloading trucks or lifting heavy items around the house, this stays consistent. Both years we have been in business it seems that summer time has the most requests for outdoor work. Customers are looking to lay mulch and rocks to make sure they are prepped for the fall. During the winter time we help out at a good amount of holiday parties. We have been asked to pass out food, keep up with the kitchen, and ensure a positive experience for all of their guests.

Is there anything The To-Do Dudes can’t or don’t do? 

When people ask what type of services we offer I like to start out by saying we offer a little of a lot of different things. We can complete many of the items on your “To-Do” list. There are a few areas that we do not complete because we do not have the experience. This includes installations, electrical work, power washing, roofing, and operating heavier machinery. Most of the work that we complete doesn’t require a professional, but instead a strong work ethic, an optimistic attitude, and the ability to problem solve.

Is this a business or service you see growing in different communities in the future? 

Currently we service most of Palm Coast and have also made it to St. Augustine, Bunnell, Flagler Beach, and Ormond Beach. Right now The To-Do Dudes only has one primary branch, but we hope to expand this in the future. We believe this business model has potential all over the state of Florida assisting citizens of the community while also helping young aspiring leaders gain more experience. Through a franchise model we would like to grow our idea and give this opportunity to young men and women with an entrepreneurial spirit.

Meet the Team. The To-Do Dudes.

What the best way for people to get in contact with you if they’d like to book your services? 

If you are looking to schedule a job you can:

Call or Text (952)484-9056

Email Info@thetododudes.com

Book on our website https://thetododudes.com/schedule-the-to-do-dudes/