In a cordial meeting on Tuesday evening, members of the Palm Coast City Council extended their appreciation to Ground Up, Inc. an automotive business dedicated to muscle cars for their relocation to Palm Coast and were on the receiving end of a thank you, as well.

Adding a feather to the city’s cap, Palm Coast Business Development Director Jason DeLorenzo presented the details of the Recapture Enhanced Value or REV Grant agreement to council members. Benchmarks set with the company include a minimum of 25 jobs and an annual report of grant related activities, with the city providing a grant equal to 75% of the amount of the city portion of ad-valorem property taxes paid by the company for 5 years starting in 2022.

The Santoro family shares their business-friendly experience in Palm Coast during the city council meeting on December 7, 2021. From left, Jack, Joe and Liz Santoro.

During the remarks, Joe Santoro and his family offered up something city leaders have long been working towards – a positive review of their experience relocating and working with city staff.

“It’s been a huge gamble and we’re looking forward to it,” said Joe Santoro, relocating the family’s business from the northeastern United States.

“I have to thank Jason. He really sealed the deal. Personally I looked at over 100 properties and buildings to look at anywhere from Jacksonville to Palatka, down to Stuart. Really no matter what or where we looked, Palm Coast just came back and floated to the top.”

“I want to extend my thanks again now to the city and the staffing at Palm Coast because I’ve never experienced such an easy transaction,” he said.

“From the building department to the fire marshal, everybody was there to help. It was a phone call away. It’s such a difference from what I’m used to coming from New York where you would go into a meeting like this and you would be clenched fists and clenched teeth. So, again I wholeheartedly thank everybody in Palm Coast, and we’re so proud and happy to call it home.”

The company’s commitment to the community includes facility reinvestment, an annual regionally advertised car show, support for Flagler Schools as a sponsor of the STEM programs and investment in the Career & Technical Education (CTE) programs, in addition to helping promote traffic safety programs and supporting city events.

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