People like Jay Scherr make confidence in the board room or in front of a crowd look easy, and as a business consultant, it comes with the territory. In addition to a thriving consulting business, he’s created a successful podcast that’s reaching across the nation. As this week’s The Big Five guest, Jay shares a few tips and insight into how he stays motivated on a Monday morning.  

Tell readers a bit about yourself.

Jay Scherr is the owner of Jay Scherr Business Consulting. He’s a coach, consultant, advisor, speaker, mentor, and podcast host. Known as the Better Business Builder, Scherr provides entrepreneurs and small business owners the tools, strategies, coaching, and accountability they need to realize their full potential and achieve the results and success they deserve.

Prior to starting his own business in 2017, Scherr had a successful 30-year corporate career. He is actively involved in a number of business and civic organizations, including Rotary and serving on the board of the Flagler Auditorium Performing Arts Center and the Palm Coast Business Professionals Network.

How did you get into the field of business coaching?

I’ve been a student of business and business success for as long as I can remember. I worked with and helped so many businesses during my corporate career and decided it was time to take my knowledge, experience, and ability to connect with and coach others and start my own business.

Your podcast Business Minds Coffee Chat has really taken off. What’s going on with it?

I’m grateful and truly blessed with the success of the podcast. I started it as a way to give back and share insights, help to inspire and lift others, and provide value. My goal has always been to go above and beyond and deliver an exceptional experience for the guest and the listeners.

I’ve learned a great deal since the first episode and have had my share of missteps. But with each one I’ve received valuable lessons that have allowed me to improve, grow, and deliver a podcast that attracts well-known guests, sponsors, and is resonating with a growing audience.

How does the national exposure allow you to help additional professionals become their best selves?

The podcast has exposed me and the work I do to a much broader and diverse audience. I’ve been fortunate to have guests refer me for coaching and speaking, as well as listeners reach out for help. I’ve also been a guest on other podcasts which provides me the opportunity to serve an entirely different audience. It’s also helped me raise my game and think bigger by being around people who are changing the world and accomplishing extraordinary things.

You post an inspirational quote daily from the gym. How is consistency a key factor in success and how do you come up with your daily quote?

Consistency is a key component for success in life and business. Consistency builds trust, accountability, relevance, discipline, self-confidence, momentum, and more. Consistency is a reflection of our habits and behaviors and is foundational to becoming our best.

The daily posts are an extension of who I am and who I’m becoming. They’re lessons I’ve learned, or am learning, and want to be reminded of. They’re as much for me as they are for the reader. We get to decide how we want to show up and live our lives and this is my way of owning my stuff and holding myself accountable to higher standards.

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