You’re in the mood for something different, something fresh and fancy that won’t break the bank. Why not go where the locals go?

Sitting on deck of the Topaz Hotel at The Island Grille, it’s a front row seat to the endless beauty that is Flagler Beach, overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, with just a few steps between you and sandy shoreline.

With a full wine list and a menu of dining options once served are so beautifully displayed they will have you doing a double take, owner and chef Gary Maresca is guaranteed to whip up a dish you won’t soon forget.

Stopping in last week, while sipping a glass of Moscato, I’d almost gone for the burger. But there was something about the Blackened Sea Scallop Salad that sounded perfect. Relaxing in the gentle fall breeze, a table arrived next to me and the fella ordered the burger, nearly making me second guess myself.

But when the salad arrived, it was gorgeous. The plump, juicy blackened scallops were tender and succulent. The creamy, soft goat cheese and mandarin oranges set off the mix of greens wonderfully in the raspberry vinaigrette.

It was pretty close to Heaven.

The French Dip has been my go-to at The Island Grille for about three years. It’s wasn’t just the savory, overstuffed roast beef sandwich that won me over, but the horseradish sauce that comes with it, that serves as the PERFECT dip for the steak fries, that sealed the deal.

Now that the French Dip has moved to a special I keep my eye out for at The Island Grille, but last week I was reminded why it’s really good to try something new once in a while.

The Island Grille

1224 S. Oceanshore Blvd, Flagler Beach, FL

Days/Hours: Tues – Sun/Noon – 8 PM

Reservations Requested