Palm Coast, FL – The City of Palm Coast Stormwater Pipe Crew has already exceeded its projected number of pipeline installations totaling more than 40 completed projects year-to-date. Their original estimate was projected to have 35 installations completed in 2021, but at this pace, the crew should be able to complete as many as 56 installations this year.

The master plan for the Stormwater Department is to improve city drainage as a whole, addressing the entire system in a comprehensive and strategic approach. This ensures that floodwaters continue to move off roads efficiently. The completed projects have helped to drain water more efficiently from individual properties into the City’s drainage system comprised of conduits, culverts and other components that carry stormwater away from structures.

A recent project in the W Section proved to be a challenging task for multiple reasons, making its completion a joyous team achievement. The Stormwater Pipe Crew made diligent efforts to avoid any damage done to the homeowner’s landscaping, fence, and other property during the process. The Utility Department was required to relocate an entire water main and repair a Pretreatment Effluent Pumping (PEP) system line. This particular project was completed over the course of 4 days and involved multiple departments within the City and external companies such as Florida Power and Light (FPL).

“This crew has one of the hardest and most dangerous jobs within the City. I can’t thank them enough for all the hard work they do each and every day. They show up and give it their all!” says Kevin Nelson, Stormwater Maintenance Supervisor.

So far this year, the Stormwater Pipe Crew has completed pipeline installation projects in the following neighborhoods: B, C, E, F, L, LL, P, R, S, U, and Z.

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Media Release: City of Palm Coast. Angelene R. Davis, Multimedia Associate