Flagler County, FL – If there’s one thing people should know about moms, it’s that they’re super organized. Give them a little extra time or show them someone in need, and they become super heroes. Especially in Flagler County.

Jenny Pierce

Launching the #FlaglerStockOurSchools Facebook group page last year after wondering what they could do to help teachers navigating a hybrid school year, Jenny Pierce says the movement, modeled after a Lee County effort, exploded with community support.

“Last summer, a few local moms and I were casually discussing how difficult the 2020-2021 school year was going to be. We were still in COVID, schools were still half virtual, half in person, and we were trying to figure out what to do in order to make it easier for our teachers this year,” said Pierce.

Photo/Jenny Pierce

“We wanted our teachers here to know that even with everything that is happening around us, they are still important to us and we still have their backs,” she said. “It blew up. It was amazing. We named it #FlaglerStockOurSchools.”

Garnering an overwhelming response for the previous effort, Pierce announced the launch for the upcoming 2021-22 school year on July 1st, and the volunteer team of moms are hoping the community will be as generous this year as last year.

Photo/Jenny Pierce

“Last year, over 500 items were bought off our Flagler teachers’ wish lists. So, over 500+ wishes were granted and over 500 extra supplies were given from the community to our local schools,” she said.

Awestruck, she says they stopped counting at that point.

“That’s not even counting things Amazon put in the same box that was ordered that went to the same teacher. Teachers can, they don’t have to, post a photo on our FB (Facebook) page with their gifts, thanking the community or whoever sent it to them. Sometimes it’s anonymous, sometimes not. Whatever the buyer chooses.”

Volunteer Kristen Doss returns for a second year. Photo/Jenny Pierce

Notes of appreciation from teachers highlight just how critical the support is for them.

“My heart is so overjoyed that I almost cried pulling up to the house today. I’m so extremely blessed I don’t have words to express all the emotions I’m feeling. I am so extremely thankful,” shared one educator, while another said, “I received another delivery from our AMAZING community today! Thank you so much!! My students and I are so very blessed!”

Multiple Facebook pages cover the wish lists of teachers not just in the Flagler County public school district, but charter and private schools too, and it’s busy work. With a 2021-22 school year volunteer team made up of Jenny Pierce, Kristen Dross, Jennifer Howard, and Michelle Naupari, Pierce made sure to give a shout out to fellow mom Nicole Castello, who helped get it off the ground last year.

Michelle Naupari. Photo/Jenny Pierce

Supported by local parents, general members of the community, even the Flagler Home Builders Association, Pierce says they’ll do anything they can for local educators.

“It makes us feel like we are giving back to our teachers. The same teachers that are going to have our kids, the kids in our community during the school year and are going to make a huge impact on the kids at the schools,” she said.

Jennifer Howard. Photo/Jenny Pierce

“With all the hate-spewing in the world, we wanted the educators to know that we are still here, and we are still extremely grateful for everything they do for our community and children. It makes us feel the community is behind them, always.”


For more information, visit Flagler County – Stock Our Schools! Facebook group page here.

Nicole Castello. Team 2020-21/Photo: Jenny Pierce