Palm Coast, FL – While Betty Steflik had a reputation for preserving the coastal dunes and Old Florida charm of Flagler Beach, and even has a nature preserve named in honor, her relative Dr. Tim Steflik is putting his efforts into help others by preserving the mobility of Flagler County residents at Palm Coast Coastal Integrative Healthcare.
Tucked into the Cypress Plaza on Cypress Point Parkway,
it’s easy to miss the complex surrounded by lush trees

Cypress Plaza is home to businesses including Coastal Integrative Healthcare, Farm Bureau Insurance and The Health Institute.
that is home to Coastal Integrative Healthcare,
just catercorner across the street from
the bustling Superwash Express in Palm Coast.
Steflik says they’ve settled nicely into the plaza where they moved a year ago, while serving patients in Palm Coast for the past four years.
“I’m a chiropractor, and in our office we have nurse practitioners and medical staff, so we fix people that are broken,” he said with humor, while holding up a model spine during an open house event on Tuesday. “We don’t have a lot of great signage but want to make sure people know we’re here.”
                                                                                                                                                                                   It may seem obvious why a person would visit a                                                               chiropractor, but Steflik says there are some not-so                                                           obvious reasons as well.

The team at Coastal Integrative Healthcare hosted an open house on February 16, 2021.                                      
“The top two or three conditions that we see, number one is knee pain. People that have been told they have to have surgery or drugs, we’ve helped those types of people avoid surgery. We don’t want to be looked at as a last option, we’d rather see them sooner, so we can help them sooner,” he said.
“Knee pain is a big one, peripheral neuropathy –a numbness, tingling, or burning in the feet typically with diabetics, same thing, given medications that just cover it up they don’t fix it, those are some of our favorite patients to help, and car accidents. You go to an ER and they give you an X-ray to make sure you’re not broken and pain prescription and say ice it, and a lot of primary care doctors don’t see those types of patients, so same thing, we love just helping those people that can’t get help anywhere else.”
Serving as a holistic option to pain management and surgery, services include stem cell regenerative medicine, physiotherapy and rehabilitation, cold laser therapy, and trigger point injections. While there are no steroids or pain medication injections, they do have one product that those with bad knees may have heard of whispered about at their gym or on the tennis court – chicken fat injections.
“It’s not really chicken fat, but it’s close,” said the Palmer Chiropractic College alumni, with a chuckle. “They call them chicken shots or gel shots and it’s a lubrication that will help the arthritis in there. Yes, we do those here.”
Steflik knew service was his calling, and admits he receives as much instant gratification from seeing patients feel better as they do.
“I knew I wanted to be a chiropractor to help people holistically – one because I hate needles, and I worked for a chiropractor and I saw what he did, the miracles he worked for his patients and they loved him,” shared Steflik.
“They came in raving, ‘he’s changed my life, saved my life, got me off medications, avoided a dangerous surgery’, and I knew this is what I wanted to do, help people. That’s the best part of the job. Every day they’re feeling better and we’re making a change in their lives where they can actually do what they want to do.”
Coastal Integrative Healthcare
Dr. Tim Steflik, Dr. Melony Thomas
145 Cypress Point Parkway, Suite 208 Palm Coast, FL