Palm Coast –The City of Palm Coast is excited to share draft designs that are planned to bring enhancements to Florida Park Drive.  These updates intend to bring significant improvements to both the aesthetics of the roadway as well as adding traffic calming features.

Residents along Florida Park Drive have raised concerns over increased traffic on the road.  In January of 2020 City staff met with residents to discuss various options in a neighborhood meeting.  The draft design and timeline are a direct result of that meeting and additional feedback from residents.

The current project plan is expected to have final designs completed by the end of summer 2021.  Once designs are approved, the project will go out for bid.  Construction is expected to begin in the early part of 2022 with completion expected near the middle of 2022.  The projected cost of the project is $250,000.  Funds will come from the Streets Improvement Fund.

The most notable change will be the addition of two medians to add traffic calming measures.  One will be located to the north between Flinstone Court and Foster Lane.  The other will be situated to the south between Fernham Lane and Farragut Drive.  These medians will produce a traffic shift for vehicles on the road, which is intended to slow traffic.  Lanes will be 10 feet wide on either side of the median.

With the addition of these medians, beautification improvements are proposed as well.  The enhancements include green groundcover within and alongside the medians, a shift in the sidewalk, concrete pads with benches, trees, and screening shrubs.

“We appreciate the participation and input from residents that have helped bring about this plan,” said Director of Stormwater & Engineering Carl Cote.  “Once completed, we are confident these enhancements will provide the solutions to address resident concerns and be in line with the great quality of life our residents expect.”

The City intends to keep the community updated as the project progresses.  Residents will be able to view detailed project information and follow project progress on the City’s ‘Capital Improvement Projects’ online map by visiting

Florida Park Drive residents can expect updates through direct email, including traffic pattern impacts during construction.  Email addresses have been obtained from utility accounts as well as those who have provided contact information to staff.  Residents can also sign up to be included on the list by clicking here or emailing contact information to

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Media Release: City of Palm Coast. Brad West, Sr. Communications Officer