(Flagler County, Fla.) – The final results of the 2023-2024 Florida Assessment of Student Thinking (FAST) testing show Flagler Schools students made significant improvement over the previous academic year.

As a result of the release of FAST testing results by the Florida Department of Education, Flagler Schools is reporting overall increases in key areas, district-wide. As you dive into the numbers, Elementary, Middle and High School students in Flagler County showed significant growth in the 2023-2024 academic year. This includes a 4% overall increase in math and 2% overall increase in English Language Arts (ELA).

High School math scores increased 10% on the Algebra I EOC and 13% on the Geometry EOC. Eighth-graders excelled in science testing at a rate 10% above the average reported across the State of Florida. And, Flagler Schools third-graders registered ELA and Mathematics scores 6% above the state average.

FAST Testing is a progress-monitoring assessment system first created in March of 2022. Now, two years later, Flagler Schools can break down student performance in all key areas of curriculum.

Flagler Schools is proud to share the following data from this year’s assessments in
B.E.S.T. (Benchmarks for Excellent Student Thinking) Writing, ELA, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies:

B.E.S.T. Writing (Grades 4-10)

  • At or above the state average in grades 4, 6, 8, 9, 10

English Language Arts (Grades 3-10)

  • Overall increased by 2%

  • Grades 9-10 increased by 5%

  • Above the state average score in grades 3-6 and 7-10, including 6% higher for Grade 3

Math (Grades 3-8, Algebra 1, Geometry)

  • Overall increased by 4%

  • High School Algebra 1 EOC scores increased by 10%

  • High School Geometry EOC scores increased by 13%

  • Above the state average score in grades 3, 4, 7

  • 9% above the state average score for Algebra I EOC

  • 7% above the state average score for Geometry EOC

Science (Grades 5, 8, Biology)

  • Above the state average score in all tested areas, including 10% higher for Grade 8

Social Studies (Civics, U.S. History)

  • Increased U.S. History EOC scores by 1%

  • Civics EOC scores registered above the state average score

These positive results reflect the district’s commitment to academic excellence and the hard work of our faculty, staff and students. “The first guiding principle of our district is ‘Children First,” Superintendent Moore added. “I’m so proud of our faculty, staff and administration across the district in helping this next generation prepare for the future.”

For more information about Flagler Schools and FAST scores, please visit our website at www.flaglerschools.com or contact the district office at (386) 437-7526.



Flagler Schools strives to be the nation’s premier learning organization. Our mission is to ensure educational success through high expectations and innovative thinking in a safe learning environment to empower students to reach their full potential as responsible, ethical, and productive citizens in a diverse and changing world. We can be reached online at http://flaglerschools.com or https://www.facebook.com/FlaglerSchools and via telephone at 386-437-7526.