It’s not brilliance, charisma, or the most subject matter expertise which explains truly effective leadership.   It’s character.

Our best leaders are ambitious for the mission not themselves (Collins).  They measure by the success of the mission and the success of others.  They listen and learn.  They’re humble and always open to the idea that they have made the mistake.  They accept responsibility.  They tell the truth.

They don’t worry about control, credit, celebrity, recognition, awards, titles, wealth, or other ego-fulfilling or self-seeking activities.  They correctly view these as leadership liabilities not assets.

They create and sustain the right culture (Maxwell).  They assemble the right team and place the right people into the right positions (Collins).  They hire up.  They love teams.  Everyone is safe to speak and free to fail.  They love seeing others grow and win (Welch).

It is this service before self and mission not me which always accounts for success.