On May 25, 2024, the Baka Drift track officially opened, a family friendly RC drift track located in the Palm Coast/Bunnell area.

RC Drifting is a sport that is all the rage. RC car drifting is one of the most exciting things you can do with your radio-control vehicle. It’s fun, challenging, and recreates a full-size racing maneuver that drives spectators wild.

Drifting is a series of controlled slides that allow a full-scale race car or radio control car to move through the curves and corners of a track. The driver intentionally oversteers, causing the tires to lose traction and the car to skid or slide. Through precisely timed braking, accelerating, and counter-steering, a skilled driver can control those slides and use them to maneuver rapidly through corners. The genesis of RC drifting began in the late 1990s in Japan was a natural extension of the country’s rich drifting culture.

Enthusiasts, inspired by the thrilling motorsport of drifting, began experimenting with their on-road RC cars, their goal was to replicate the drifts seen on race tracks. The Baka RC Drift track takes inspiration from Japan with scale buildings and Japanese architecture that makes it seem like you’re driving in Japan. A big part of RC

Drifting is taking video and photo shoots for social media so having realistic backgrounds is very important and part of the drift culture. RC drifting cars are advanced vehicles with innovative integration of gyro technology to enhance stability and control of the cars for driving realism.

Work stations to collaborate with other RC enthusiasts.

Baka Drift RC began as a custom livery design company for RC drift cars. It is equally important to the drift community who build these cars inside and out to have killer paint and livery designs which is part of the experience.

The Baka RC Drift track offers a 1/10 scale and Micro scale track experience for just $20 per day or a Membership for only $90 a month. The 1/10 drift track is designed specifically for RC drifting, features a series of challenging turns, perfect for drivers to showcase their skills. The surface of the track is smooth with slick conditions ideal for drifting, providing an authentic and exciting experience. The track is a great place to learn new techniques and sharpen your driving skills. We will have lots of fun competitions and events each month. Members get to use the Racing Simulator for free!

The Baka Micro scale track is another fun exciting option to break into RC Drifting. We offer a Baka Drift RC school for ages 8 -16 years with classes on Sundays. RC Drifting is dominated by adults so we will maintain adult only hours after 6pm at the track. If you’re into Hot Wheels and Diecast trading stop in, we have a great display and many cars to buy.

Bring your own RC drift cars and join other Enthusiasts immersing themselves in a day filled with camaraderie and adrenaline-pumping action. The Baka RC Track is a great place to meet like-minded people, with good vibes willing to share tips on drifting and builds. RC car rentals are available as well.

Come be a part of the exciting RC Drift community!

For more information:


4601 East Moody Blvd.

Unit D3-4 (Marvins Gardens)

Bunnell, FL. 32110

Baka Drift RC founder Stephen Voorhees.