Employers will either grow you or hold you back.  Growing you is in their and your best interest.  If they have the right mission, leadership, culture, team, and career paths for the employees they grow, they have no worry about you leaving.  They want to make you want to stay.

On the other hand, some employers see your growth as a threat not an asset.  They will limit learning and opportunities for you.  They actually think this ensures retention when it does not.  Or they simply don’t care about high turnover.

Assuming you seek learning and opportunities to have a greater impact, you must pick an employer who makes that commitment to you.  If they are a “hold back” employer and you are a “move forward” employee, it is a poor fit and won’t work.

Cultures can’t hide so research employers before going to work there.  Look on their webpage before you interview for their leadership and professional development opportunities.  Look for their employee success stories.  The employers who invest in their team are very visible about it.  For example, they will have social media posts about their employees graduating from leadership and professional development programs, receiving promotions and awards, earning new degrees and certifications, and being picked by their peers to lead industry or professional associations.  They love it when their employees win.

Once employed, if you want but don’t get learning and growth opportunities and it’s not you, then it’s them so you must leave.  Career time is limited.  Spend it on those who will invest in you.

Settle for more.  Select an employer who understands you both need to win.