Ahoy, Flagler fishing enthusiasts!

Captain Adam Morley here, bringing you the latest from our beautiful inshore waters. With the water temperatures climbing into the mid-80s in the flats north of Matanzas Inlet, the topwater action has been absolutely on fire. During high tides, casting along the grass lines and over the oyster bars has been incredibly productive. My personal favorites right now are the peanut-shaped profiles from Skinny Water Lures and Kiss My Fish Lures. These baits have been irresistible to the redfish, which are blowing them up in the morning and evening hours.

When the tide drops and we’re fishing in skinnier water, I’ve been switching over to Fishbites Fight Club lures. These have been fantastic for targeting redfish and flounder. But with the warm water, we’re also seeing an influx of catfish, stingrays, ladyfish, and jacks. Because of this, I steer clear of natural baits and avoid staying in one spot for too long.

As always, it’s crucial to treat our fishing spots with respect. Clean water is the lifeblood of our fisheries and the sport we all cherish. Every piece of trash we pick up and every conservation effort we support helps preserve this incredible resource for future generations.

On the surf side, the pompano have mostly moved north as the water temperatures have risen beyond their preferred range. But don’t worry, there’s still plenty of action to be had with whiting, which are still biting well.

So get out there, enjoy the warm waters, and remember to fish responsibly. Tight lines, everyone!

Captain Adam Morley
Genungs Fish Camp

Fishing Report Week in Review: Chris from Skinny Water Lures mentioned the weather has been hot and eventful, with water temperatures reaching the high 70s. The past week has been a real treat for us, with plenty of action to be had.

Redfish on the Bite: We’ve had excellent reports of upper slot Redfish in the high bridge area, targeting mullet and bait fish as they move through the flats. Our topwater lures have been doing the trick, especially when worked parallel to pinch points and flooded grass flats. By positioning ourselves downstream from the pinch point, we’re able to cast upstream and work the lure with the current. This tactic has been producing some great bites.

As the Day Warms Up: As the sun beats down, we’ve been switching to a 4-inch SWL curly tail on a jig head. This slow-moving lure allows us to target deeper drop-offs and holes, and pausing the retrieve for several seconds often entices bites from both Redfish and Flounder.

Trout on the Move: Good numbers of Trout are still being caught in areas with moving current. Our go-to lure has been a suspending twitch bait, which allows us to stop the lure in the strike zone and trigger bites. The pause is usually when the magic happens!

Snook in the Canal: Reports are coming in of Snook being caught in the Palm Coast canal area using live finger mullet and shrimp under a popping cork. Free lining live mullet around the docks has been producing some great catches.

Afternoon Showers Ahead: With afternoon showers predicted, it’s crucial to keep an eye on the radar. These storms can pop up quickly, so be sure to stay ahead of the weather. Tight Lines! Get out there and enjoy the fishing!