Today I am announcing my candidacy for the office of the Mayor of Palm Coast. My leadership skills, my 25 years as a resident of Palm Coast, my forty years of business experience attracting commercial and industrial tax base are the antidote to the inept leadership of Mayor Alfin.

I believe in a government that is transparent, based on customer service and solves the problems of its citizens. What we have had the past three years under Mayor Alfin is chaos and confusion within City Hall that has resulted in harm to the pocketbooks of the public.

Mayor Alfin hired an inexperienced City Manager who initially did not want the job. He then fired her as a scapegoat blaming her for his own incompetent management of the city. Alfin’s mistake cost the city a whopping $175,000 in a contract buyout.

He raised his own salary by a hundred and fifty per cent with little regard for public input or statistical support.

He chased two longstanding businesses out of the city, perpetuating the anti- business reputation of the city.

He attempted to impose a new franchise tax on residents’ FPL electric bill and has even publicly stated he will support a water bill increase once the election is over.

Poor planning has caused our swales and roads to be ignored and our sewer capacity to be in an emergency situation.

This is all occurring while the city’s housing stock is rapidly developing, but our commercial and industrial tax base is not.

I represent the change the citizens of Palm Coast are demanding at City Hall.

Media Release: Cornelia Manfre for Palm Coast Mayor