Always hire up. Never hire down.

Only the best hire the better. Everyone else will hire down.

People attract, recruit, hire, promote, and retain themselves. As hire As and Bs hire Cs so guess who Cs and Ds hire?

If you make the mistake of retaining average or mediocre employees, never let them into HR or on an interview committee. They view the talented and the ethical as threats not assets. They don’t hire for the company or the customers. They hire thinking only of themselves. Ultimately, they don’t think the company exists for the customers, owners, and other employees – they make all decisions on their perception of what they see as best for themselves. Selfishness is the enemy of greatness.

Hire character, strengthen skills, and teach subjects. Hire talents and thinking you don’t have. Hire culture. Hire excellence. Hire for tomorrow not yesterday. Great hires attract more stars.

Once you have them on the team, do everything you can to retain that team.

Be the best to recruit and retain the best. Be the model employer. Provide the opportunity to work as a trusted team on a valuable mission in a positive and healthy culture for leaders who inspire.

The #1 reason high performers depart is employers pretended to be someone they are not.

You’ll never outperform your hiring. Hire, retain, and promote the best and you’ll continue to attract ethical and top performers.