Hey there, fellow anglers! Adam Morley here with your latest fishing update from the waters of Flagler County and surrounding waters.

As the temperatures rise and the inshore waters warm up to the 80s, we’re seeing some changes in the fishing scene. Unfortunately, along with the warmer water, we’ve had an influx of catfish and rays, which can be a frustrating encounter for those seeking higher quality catches. However, anglers who are adaptable and using artificial baits while staying on the move are having the most success in avoiding these scavengers and hooking into some decent fish.

Despite the challenges, reports from Genung’s Fish Camp indicate that redfish and flounder are still active and biting at all tides. Despite the low water conditions caused by the New Moon and west winds, I’ve managed to reel in several nice reds myself. Casting over oyster bars and grass lines at high tide with topwater lures has been particularly fruitful.

Remember, as stewards of our waters, it’s crucial to handle and release all unwanted fish with care to ensure the sustainability of our fisheries. In other news, I want to announce that I’ve recently stepped down as president of the Flagler Sportfishing Club. Our new president is Mike Vickers of Hammock Bait & Tackle, and I’m confident he’ll lead the club with passion and dedication.

Lastly, I urge all of you to look into and support initiatives like Florida’s Right to Clean Water. Now more than ever, our waterways need protection. Be cautious of misleading amendments with catchy names like The Right to Hunt and Fish, which may aim to confuse unsuspecting voters.

Tight lines and happy fishing, everyone! Let’s continue to enjoy and protect our precious marine resources.

Chris from Skinny Water Lures is thrilled to report that the bite had finally turned up, and It was a week of perfect fishing conditions, with warm days and afternoon showers bringing the fish to life.
We had been experimenting with a new wake bait style lure, and it had proven to be a game-changer. This innovative lure was designed to act like a topwater and a subsurface lure in one, depending on how fast or slow you retrieved it. By keeping the lure just a few inches below the surface, we were able to catch several upper slot redfish by retrieving it quickly.
The lure’s unique design featured a one-knocker style bearing that created a knock-knock-knock cadence as it was retrieved, which seemed to entice the fish to strike. Throwing this lure around the flooded grass flats was a recipe for success, as it seemed to draw the redfish out of the grass and into the open water.
But the real highlight of the week was the success we had with the SWL suspending twitch bait on the outgoing tide. As the tide went out, the redfish would belly crawl through the mud, exposing themselves as they searched for baitfish swimming along the banks. We would cast several feet in front of the exposed fish, and as the lure hit the water, the redfish would blast through the mud to attack it.
The twitch bait’s amazing coloration and flash seemed to mimic the appearance of a baitfish popping out of the water, making it the perfect lure choice for this situation. The lure would suspend just inches below the surface, allowing the fish to see it clearly as they swam by.
We are confident that anyone who tried these techniques would have great success as well. Whether you’re targeting redfish in the flooded grass flats or sight casting in the mud, these lures and techniques were sure to bring in the bites.