“This week in Flagler County, educators and community members came together to celebrate the achievements of graduating seniors through the Senior Scholarship Program. The Flagler County Education Foundation’s 38th Annual Senior Scholarship Program was an event that included two nights of Drive-By & Surprise.

The first Drive-By & Surprise night began at Flagler Palm Coast High School on May 7th, and it was a symphony of anticipation and joy. Caravans of cars adorned with balloons and pom poms wound their way through the streets. Educators and community members carefully placed yard signs at each stop and presented scholarship information to surprised Flagler County seniors and their families. The celebrations continued with a second Drive By & Surprise event at Matanzas High School on May 8th. As participants awarded Matanzas’ seniors, the spirit of camaraderie and support was extended.

It was truly inspiring to witness the generosity of 57 organizations and individuals who, through their support, are shaping the futures of graduating seniors. Among the 186 scholarships awarded, there were opportunities for college-bound students and those pursuing trade school. Over 100 people participated across both nights, providing a beacon of hope for graduating seniors. Each scholarship, more than just financial aid, represented a belief in the potential of the seniors, transcending academic paths and career choices. The Senior Scholarship Program is not just about the present, but about creating lasting memories and a legacy of support that will guide these seniors for years to come.”

Media Release & Images: Flagler County Education Foundation