(FLORIDA, May 1, 2024) – On Wednesday, May 1, leadership from the Florida Swims Foundation and the Florida Swimming Pool Association (FSPA) joined Sen. Travis Hutson for a press conference in Jacksonville to kick off Water Safety Month.

The press conference also highlighted Senate Bill 544, which will provide swim lesson vouchers to children and communities beginning later this year. FSPA representatives worked closely with Senator Hutson to ensure the bill will be as impactful as possible for Florida families.

“We are grateful to both Sen. Hutson and Joani Maskell and her team at Swimming Safari Swim School for helping us kick off Water Safety Month in the best way possible,” said Dallas Thiesen, Chief Government Relations Officer. “This new legislation is critical to helping reduce drowning deaths in Florida, and we are determined to provide swim lessons to children and families in need throughout our state.”

Joining Thiesen and Sen. Hutson were representatives from the FSPA Board of Directors along with leadership from the Florida Swims Foundation. The group took time to both highlight the importance of the new legislation and the Foundation’s ongoing efforts to offer swim lessons at free or reduced cost to all Florida counties.

“The bill is ultimately important because it attacks one of the biggest problems we have: helping children who may not be able to afford [swimming lessons],” Don Ball, President of the Florida Swims Foundation, told the media. “Our Foundation and our Association [focuses on] swim lessons for all children of all ages.”

Media Release: Florida Swims Foundation